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I cannot view a certain webpage

By deadstick ·
This might be lengthy as to save time and I hope someone here can help me. I cannot view a certain webpage. The webpage I cannot view is (Yes I know I should root for another team LOL) I am a member there and have always been able to view and post there. The website is working fine and I have made no additions to my sytem or system changes. I have been in contact with the site admin and he has tried to help me do various things. I will tell you what I have tried. AGAIN I can connect to everypage but one. Here is what I have:
I am running XP
I have verizon DSL as my ISP (modem is plugged directly into computer)
I do not have a router.

He has 3 other verizon members that have the EXACT same problem. We can view the internet but not his site but we ALL used to be able to. Here is what I have tried to date with his help
cleared cookies and all that stuff

ran ad-aware

disabled firewall(windows firewall-I dont have a personal one) and tried to connect (i turned it back on after this failed)

disabled popup blocker

He thought it might be IE so he had me scrap IE and download Firefox browser. I am currently using firefox and like it. still no luck

I went to a command line and tried to "ping" his site...not succesful

he had me try something called "tracert" and it said :unable to resolve target system name

I cold booted my dsl modem. same thing "unable to find"

I have called Verizon 6-7 times and get the same thing "well since you can view the internet it is not us"......Its funny because he ONLY has 3 members having problems and we are all using Verizon. So here I sit at your mercy hoping someone has some time and can help me.

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by deadstick In reply to I cannot view a certain w ...

I forgot to add this....He had me go to something called a "proxy server" on the internet and I was able to view his website from there.

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by ReWrite In reply to I cannot view a certain w ...

If you can't ping it or resolve the name try a different dns server. It might be something in verizon's dns server. There are any number of free public dns servers. Check this site:

Try one of the other servers and see if it makes a difference.



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by deadstick In reply to

Thank you very much...I changed my DNS and it worked perfectly. I wonder about performance (will it be slower?) but I havent seen a difference....I really really want to thank you again for helping me. I was at my wits end. Verizon said it wasnt them and I knew the site was working and the sirt admin did all he could do to help me...your the man!!! Poster rated this answer.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I cannot view a certain w ...

Tried cleaning out the Temp files?

Run a Disk Clean and get rid of all the temp files.

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by senftk In reply to I cannot view a certain w ...

OK definately sounds like a DNS problem.
First you should go to a DOS prompt and do an ipconfig /all ..this will show what dns servers you are using.

Then you should do another tracert Copy both of these results and send it to verizon support. That way they can see the problem and look into their DNS.

After that is done to try to resolve the problem change one of your 2
DNS settings to another ISP's ex.
Earhtlink or Comcast
Only change one of them. Leave one as Verizon and make one another ISP's.

Instructions on changing DNS settings are located at

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by deadstick In reply to

Thanks you for your help.....although I couldnt get comcasts to work I was able to get a DNS that did...thanks again for your help....your the man!!! Poster rated this answer.

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by house In reply to I cannot view a certain w ...

There is a corrupted entry on the dns server at Verizon. When you contact their support, get them to tracert the site in question. I can almost guarantee that it will lead to one of their hosting servers, rather than the server that is responsible for the actual site.

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by deadstick In reply to

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thank you for your help...I was very frustrated. I'm not sure what verizon will say but I changed my DNS to a couple of free DNS places..while I worry about performance (I dont notice a difference) at least it works...

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by deadstick In reply to I cannot view a certain w ...

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