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I can't add server 2003 to domain, help!

By jesus h ·
I updated my Windows NT 4.0 primary domain controller to Windows server 2003 sp1.
Then I loaded Windows server 2003 sp1 on another server (new), when I try to add this computer to the domain, I get this error:
a domain controller for the domain mycompany.local could not be contacted

The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate a domain controller for domain mycompany.local:
The error was: "This operation returned because the timeout period expired."
(error code 0x000005B4 ERROR_TIMEOUT)
The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs. mycompany.local
The DNS servers used by this computer for name resolution are not responding.

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Go the other way

by jdgretz In reply to I can't add server 2003 t ...

Just for giggles, try adding the machine to your tree from the Domain Controller, not the other way. Make sure you have DNS pointing to itself for internal resolution, not an external site. Also, disable any firewalls while doing this - it should not matter, but you never know at this level.

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after adding from domain controller

by jesus h In reply to Go the other way

thank you, for your help.

after adding it from domain controller, do I still have to go to my computer and change the membership from workgroup: workgroup to domain: mycompany.local?
because, I just tried it and it tells me 'the specified user already exists'


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Yes you would

by bart777 In reply to after adding from domain ...

You need to add it again from the new server.
Try removing the account from the DC again and connecting to the domain from the new server. Make sure that the new server has the DC as it's DNS server. Also verify that you can see the domain controler. From the new server try pinging the dc using the FQDN. (DC.mycompany.local)

It sounds like you have the connectivity but it's alwyas good to check. The problem really sounds like a DNS issue.

Good luck

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it worked

by jesus h In reply to Yes you would

it worked,
I guess both steps were needed.
1st, to added it and later removed from the DC.
2nd, then added it from the new server

Thank you, very much!

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joining domain

by mohan888 In reply to I can't add server 2003 t ...


Please revert back whther the nt machine was part of the doamin .if so remoove the record from the DNS server and rejoin the machine to domain.

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Joining domain

by jesus h In reply to joining domain

I had an NT machine (PDC) that was upgraded to Windows Server 2003. Then I installed Windows Server 2003 on a new machine, I was having trouble making this new server join the domain.
After I added it from the DNS server, and then, removed it from the DNS server.
I went back to the new server, and I was able to join the domain.

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