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I can't drive 55

By jdclyde ·
But the losers we have elected to Congress are actually looking at lowering the speed limit back to 55.

There have been rumblings here in Michigan, and now actual talk in Congress.

State police has already gone on record that speed limits don't work unless people WANT to drive that speed, and many see this as a blatant attempt to generate "revenue" via excessive speeding tickets.

In most cases, I have slowed my speed down to 65 on my own. I get better mileage (about 40mpg) AND piece of mind that I don't have to panic every time I drive through a speed trap because I know my speed didn't creep up on me after a long drive. (My commute to work is an hour each way).

Should this be allowed to go through, or should we stand up and demand the feds back off? If people choose to drive slower (you hear me greenies, driving your hybrid 80 mph?) good for them, but it is moving to a more oppressive government.

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I agree with the design

by w2ktechman In reply to I can't drive 55

that it is designed to generate revenue via tickets.
With the average traffic flow (non-commute) here at 75mph, posted at 65mph, dropping it down to 55 will just cause problems.

Some dumba$$es will never get a clue I'm afraid...

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Sammy Hagar

by NetMan1958 In reply to I can't drive 55

JD, I heard that story about Michigan wanting to change the speed limit on the radio this morning and "I can't drive 55" by Sammy Hagar came to mind.

Another thought comes to mind every time this subject is broached. I wonder how much fuel is wasted every day while people are sitting at traffic lights waiting for 4 or 5 minutes while the light gives every other lane it's turn when there's no cars in those lanes. It seems to me a lot of fuel could be saved by "smart" traffic lights that could sense when there are no cars in a particular lane and skip on to the next lane and so on.

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We have smart lights

by jdclyde In reply to Sammy Hagar

They have the sensors (magnetic, I believe) that detect if there is traffic or not, and will skip over turning certain parts on if no one is there.

It is a real pain when on my motorcycle, because it won't set off the sensor. I pull up so a car behind me can get over it, or I end up running the light after a full rotation.....

We also have more and more "Michigan lefts" where there is no left turns at the light. You drive past it a block and then there is a turn-around that brings two lanes back. A pain until you get used to them, but in places like Lansing where it is heavy rush hour traffic, it really does help with the flow.

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Dont get me started on lights

by The Scummy One In reply to Sammy Hagar

the lights around here are horrible. In the morning, one can
drive and go through 3-5 green lights no problem. around
11:30 all the lights are set to stop you at every light. It stays
like that for the rest of the day.

Having people just sit, or stop and go is the worst for
causing wasted gas....

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In the cities, they are DESIGNED to stop you

by jdclyde In reply to Dont get me started on li ...

they WANT you to sit at the lights, so you will have time to notice the different shops that are there.

That is why you can't get through. It is all about leading you to the stores to increase revenue (again).

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OOOh -- Shiny lights :^0

by The Scummy One In reply to In the cities, they are D ...

maybe thats why these neon signs dont seem to phase me

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wanna see traffic lights and rush hour traffic?

by jck In reply to OOOh -- Shiny lights :^0

US Highway 19 between FL Highway 60 and Roosevelt Blvd: 6 traffic signals in a 3 mile distance on a 6-lane highway that is the main N/S artery through Pinellas County.

They really need to learn to elevate major highways in the USA.

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They do

by jdclyde In reply to wanna see traffic lights ...

in civilized parts of the nation....

They figure the added elevation would throw all the old timers equilibrium off. (right Mae?)

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by jck In reply to They do

she's so gonna beat you to death! lol :^0

US 19 down here is one of the deadliest non-interstate highways per capita in the country because of all the stop and start traffic.

They did elevate 19 over one street down there...Drew Street...a few years ago. But right over that is the rest of the signals.

If they'd just learn to spend the extra money on doing that (elevating or making overpasses) we'd use a lot less gas from stopping,starting, and idling.

Plus we need more hybrids!!! lol :^0

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by maecuff In reply to They do

I'm not an old timer. I am timeless.

When are you gonna get that right?

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