I can't get in my other account! It says, 'Access Denied'

By k.pal1 ·
I reinstalled my Xp Pro. and I accidenttly formated all the accounts, but C: Drive is still not formated so can anyone tell me how to get the files from my old account. Because whenever I try to get in it says 'Access Denied'. So if any one know how to get the files back please tell me! It would be grateful.

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I take it that you where using a password

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I can't get in my other a ...

Here to open Widows. If that's the case you need to take ownership of the files by following the directions here


Now for the not so nice bit. If you had enabled Windows Encrypted File System you have just lost all your data as it will come out as rubbish because the Encryption Key has been destroyed. If you where to ring M$ for a possible solution you will get the privilege of paying them a small fortune to be told Find A Good Hacker and They Will Be Able To Break The Encryption.

However if you where not using File Encryption there is nothing to worry about by following the directions on How To Take Ownership Of Your Files you'll get them all back, remember to save the E-Mail and Address book as well.


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