I can't get onto my computer I forgot that primary password

By hippychick_ladybug ·
I am computer illeterate and obviosly can not spell how ever I forgot the password to my computer. I turn it on and it does the dos scan or whatever that first quick screen is and then it asks for a password. How do I bypass that? It is not a laptop it is a computer, an old Dell

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What is the prompt?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to I can't get onto my com ...

What exactly does it prompt, just the password or username and password?

Does the prompt appear as white text on a black background? Is it a screen with some colours and the word Windows?

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Your best bet is to approach

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I can't get onto my com ...

Either a Friend of yours is a Tech or a Computer shop and get then to reset the password.

Because of the number of stolen computers and the large number of requests here for this type of thing just about everyone is very skittish on passing on this type of information as it can be used to break things that people shouldn't have access to from a work computer to a stolen computer and everything in between.


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Which Windows are you running?

by dlwolff0 In reply to I can't get onto my com ...

If this is not a company computer and it is running Windows 98 or earlier, simply hit the escape key to bypass the password prompt.
If it has security features installed than you'll have to get someone to reset the password as previously stated.

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