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I can't get rid of win98 log in screen

By urok ·
I have removed the users and the log in screen still appears. I have to hit cancel every time I reboot. This must be a another bug in win98, go figure. Can anyone help. Thanks Scott

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no nt logon

i imagine youre trying to stay on the network, and youre not trying to logon to a domain. try removing the nt client and novell client. keep only the family logon, and set up a new user logon. this wont set up a user account on your pc, just a name that identifies your account on the network. make sure you do not specify a password, just a name, and click ok. it might ask you to verify the password, just click through it. by using the windows family logon with no password, it should just boot up and load right to the desktop.

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How to remove Login screen

by webmaster In reply to I can't get rid of win98 ...

Here is how to get rid of this prompt.
1. Hit cancel on the prompt. It will go into windows.
2. Click Start/Find-Files or Folders.
3. In the 'Named' field, type *.pwl. Make certain the 'Look In' is set on C: drive.
4. Click find now.
5. Delete any files that are found.
6. Close all windows back to the desktop, and restart the computer.
7. When the prompt comes up to login to windows, leave the username and password fields blank and click OK. If another window pops up to enter a password, leave the fields blank and click OK.
You will not see the windows logon again.

This only applies to stand alone computers. If you have a networked computer this will not work. If you have separate profiles setup on the computer, or are using the Microsoft Family Logon, for several people to have separate profiles, this will not work.

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Thanks, but one more question or two

by urok In reply to How to remove Login scree ...

I just wanted to say thanks! Would this have worked by just deleting the microsoft family logon protocal? Or, do I have to delete the .pwl files also?

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