I can't install any antivirus on my pc

By dinga_john ·
Hey guys,

I would be very pleased if someone gets this solved for me. I had Norton internet Security 2008 installed and running. Then I tried installing a video editing software and that somehow restarted my PC.

Then my norton stopped working. I uninstalled it with intention to reinstall. Installation can't go through. Firstly it said missing file ccapp.exe, now an error in installation pops up whenever I try to install any antivirus. Nothing seems to go.

Please I need your help. Thank you.

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First I would check on

by zlitocook In reply to I can't install any antiv ...

The video software and why it disabled Symantec/Norton. Is this legit software and not some thing you found on a search? If you have the install CD for Norton?s I would boot into safe mode and try to remove the video software. If that does not work I would make sure I had a good back up and go to Symantec's web site and down load the Norton remover.
It removes all traces of Norton anti virus and lets you do a fresh install.
There is a lot of bad ware that can disable software like Symantec/Norton antivirus so it can not detect and remove it. Then try to reinstall Norton?s software.
A good rule is do not install some thing unless you are sure it is compatible with your system and its hardware; and never install free ware unless you have protected yourself with back up's and other software.
I know you do not want to hear this but if you can not clear the problem you may need to reload your computer, format and reinstall. Some thing may be in your computer and may be not be removed easily.

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1 more thing

by OH Smeg In reply to First I would check on

If you need to reload the computer you should wipe the drive first so as to prevent any problems being carried over to the new install.

Something like Boot & Nuke will do quite nicely.

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Remove N2008

by aSy In reply to I can't install any antiv ...

Norton/Symantec provides a removal tool, it works fine, the link to the steps on how to proceed is:

It removes any Norton 2008 software, libraries, etc from your pc. Just reinstall it, or get another more compatible with your demands. For you i recomend Kasperksy

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Thanks for the replies - but problem persists

by dinga_john In reply to Remove N2008

Hello Guys, thanks very much for your answers. I have already done all of what you are proposing and there is still no way for me to install Norton antivirus nor any other antivirus, even Kasperksy.

Does anyone know of any site which offers deep scanning for me to check for possible viruses.

Thank you for your help!

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Try this

by Tig2 In reply to Thanks for the replies - ...

Download AVG from and CCleaner from These are both free tools. Uninstall Norton. Install CCleaner. Run it recursively until it can't find anything else. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY FIRST! I stick the back up on the desktop so I can find it easily in the event that anything goes wrong.

Now reboot. You should be able to install AVG at this point and run a scan. You also need to run a Spyware scanner. Spybot S&amp is free and works well.

Good luck!

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