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I can't join a media centre laptop to the domain.

By Sulls ·
Can anyone please help me. My client has purchased a windows media centre laptop and wants to join the domain. does anyone know of a way of enabling the domain in the bios? i have been told that if I install xp pro, join the domain and then install media centre, it will stay in the domain but this seems overkill.

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the MS answer is...

by shiny_topadm In reply to I can't join a media cent ...

that you cannot, at least as far as MS' faq says:

Can I connect a new PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 to a work network or domain?

While you can access network resources on a work network or a domain, you cannot join a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 PC to the domain. PCs running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 are designed specifically for home use. Windows XP Professional features, specifically Domain Join and Cached Credentials (Credentials Manager for logons) are not included. As a result, you will be prompted for your logon user name and password to access network resources after you reboot or log back on to the PC. In addition, file shares or network resources that are set to require a domain-joined PC for access will not be available. Remote Desktop and Encrypting File System support are still included.

"overkill" may be right, but that's how they have positioned these products.

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Thanks Microsoft

by Sulls In reply to the MS answer is...

Ok thanks guys for all of your help. It would be useful if Microsoft thought about users rather than the dollar all the time.
We use a remote vpn client to access the network whic works perfectly in XP Pro allowing the user to access all email, shared files without any extra logging. You know how impatient upper members of staff can be, I will advise to give the laptop to another member of staff and get himself a new XP pro laptop.

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But you are right about installing/upgrading

by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks Microsoft

it does seem like an overkill, but if you upgrade from XP Pro to media center, and the XP Pro was joined to a domain, then the media center upgrade will be as well.
This is annoying feature, but if you think about it, media center PC's are for multimedia, not (usual) business, so there should be little need for joining a domain.

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I have one here as well.

by Old Guy In reply to I can't join a media cent ...

I have not been able to join the media center to the domain. However, you can map drives to the resources you need. We have two programs on our network and I was able to map the drives to those two servers, with a log in. I have not been able to setup Outlook for our Exchange but we Web Mail here and he just uses that for his email.

It's the only work around I've been able to find.

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by Old Guy In reply to I have one here as well.

also you can not install Windows XP Pro without doing a new install on it because you will get the message that the XP Pro is an older version. The only wat to do that is to reformat and then install XP Pro. If he can go with the work around that might be better.

Edited to add: You can set up a VPN connection through Network Connections and it should act like one would from home.

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Thats about it

by w2ktechman In reply to I can't join a media cent ...

If you have an earlier version of media center, you can join the domain and then upgrade. But media center 05 will not allow to join the domain by itself.
Thank You MS

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There is a hack that is supposed to work.

by 1bn0 In reply to I can't join a media cent ...

Haven't tried it. But it is the only soluition I have seen offered by anyone.

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Just done the "hack", Worked perfectly

by andrew In reply to There is a hack that is s ...

Bought two Dell Pc's with a free "Upgrade" to Media Centre. Lots of extra functionality but couldn't join them to our work Domain. Big problem. A grand's worth of PC which was totally useless without spending another 4-500 quid on two full versions of XP Pro. Used the mentioned patch as a last resort but it worked a treat. Problem solved.

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Glad to hear it works.

by 1bn0 In reply to Just done the "hack", Wor ...

Andrew. Please mark my reply as helpful.
The thumbsup icon makes it stand out so others know it was usefull.

it will DOUBLE my current rating as well :)

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Fix for joining Media Center to a Domain

by scally-james In reply to Just done the "hack", Wor ...

Hi, saw that it worked for you, the link to the instructions are down. Would you happen to still have them?

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