I can't Map a Network Drive

By martinbullock15 ·

I am trying to map a network drive from one XP Pro system to another. I have 3 different systems connected to a central system and all work fine.

The problem with the final system is that i am able to ping the central system and get a reply but when i try to Map the Drive it says the network is not reachable.

I have looked across the web and made sure i have the folder shared correctly (it must be as others can) i have pinged as descibed but it still will not map?

Thanks in advance


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Do you

by jimmy-jam In reply to I can't Map a Network Dri ...

Have file and printer sharing for Microsoft networks turned on?



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by martinbullock15 In reply to Do you


Thanks, not sure how it happened but on the network card properties the "Client for Microsoft Networks" had been un ticked all working now.


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Check these points...

by sfrvn In reply to I can't Map a Network Dri ...

1. Is there a firewall on either PC that could block the connection attempt? If yes, turn it off and see if mapping is successful.
2. Are you pinging by IP or by computer (NetBIOS) name? It is possible to ping an IP but pinging by name fails because of no 'name resolution'. Remember that 'mapping a drive' is usually done by citing the server (computer) name. Mapping will fail if name cannot be resolved. Create LMHOSTS file -- see if mapping works then.
3. By aware that you sometimes must enter alternate credentials to map a drive. So your problem may be a permission issue.

There are many factors that affect the success/failure of drive mapping. Without knowing all the parameters, people van only suggest common issues that can blok attempts to map a drive.


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