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I can't ping any of my Windows XP Clients

By michaelhawse ·
I have a 2000 Domain with XP and Windows Pro clients however, I can't ping any of the XP machines. In addition, I would like to connect to the XP clients via Remote Desktop and I can't. Any suggestions?


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by pmorones In reply to I can't ping any of my Wi ...

Are you sure that there are no firewalls turned on?

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I would suggest

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I can't ping any of my Wi ...

that the XP pcs are currently secure from both these threats. My XP PC certainly is!

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by jaydamodar In reply to I can't ping any of my Wi ...

Check the TCP/IP configuration on the client which can't ping from. If you are using DHCP, check whether you getting the correct IP settings from the dhcp server.Is ping working for localhost? Also on the windows XP clients, enable remote desktop by placing a check(tick) on "Allow uses to connect remotely on this computer"

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Check XP Security Settings

by davidpmartin In reply to I can't ping any of my Wi ...

I'm going to read between the lines a little bit, and assume that you can ping your 2000 servers OK. The other thing I am going to assume is that you have XP service pack 2 installed.

If that is true, then the most likely scenario is that you have the XP firewalls that came with service pack 2 in the default, which means they are turned ON. If this is true, they you have to go into the XP firewall configuration and allow exceptions to ICMP traffic (which is the protocol used for ping).

If this is all set up, you should have no problem pinging around the network (assuming that you are doing this from another computer on the internal network).

Setting up the XP clients to allow Remote Computing is a fairly straight forward procedure. Just 'google' it on the network, and you should have plenty of instructions on how to set this up. Just be aware of the security implications of setting up Remote computing!

Hope this helps.

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XP Firewall??

by iandavid In reply to I can't ping any of my Wi ...

I take it that just because you can't ping the machines, that they aren't on the network and working. As far as I'm aware, remote desktop is in the exceptions list on Windows Firewall, but the exception is not enables by default.

Also my understanding is that Domain admins are allowed to RDP in to the XP clients, so if you sort the one problem, my guess is the others will be cured to...

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by nathan79 In reply to I can't ping any of my Wi ...

Sounds like XP builtin firewall is turned on. Check that out on the machines.


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XP Firewall

by adrian4 In reply to I can't ping any of my Wi ...

Turn off the firewall on the NIC. It's under the properties setting of the network card. Choose the advance tab. If this doesn't work then you maybe having other network issues. Check your network IP range.

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