I can't remove Outlook 2003

By newmarket2 ·
I've tried everything but whenever I try to reinstall outlook 2003 (under Windows 7), it doesn't start fresh - specifically, it's looking for file names in specific locations and can't find them. It should start me from scratch to set up out outlook as if it were a new machine.
I'm now at the point where I assume I'll have to go to the registry.
BUT, before I do that, I want to make sure I know the precise registry entries to eliminate so I don't get totally hosed and have to reload the whole machine.

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Two suggestions:

by scndtnr In reply to I can't remove Outlook 20 ...

Use something like Revo Uninstaller to clean out any remaining stuff from the Outlook 2003 uninstall, then re-attempt the installation.


Right-click the Outlook installation file, select Run as Administrator...

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inbox repair tool

by richerdey In reply to I can't remove Outlook 20 ...

If you are unable to reinstall your Outlook 2003 from your computer that means your outlook suffering from serious problem, then you should first try to resolve such problems using an advanced inbox repair tool for Outlook. When once you repair your Outlook using this utility then you can try to perform Outlook re-installation process.

For more information visit:

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still no luck

by newmarket2 In reply to I can't remove Outlook 20 ...

I've used Revo Uninstaller pro and had back/forth with their support and I'm still unable to reload Outlook after cleaning.
I've consulted some Knowledge Base articles which listed two registry folders to delete, but Revo removed them.
Clearly, there are remnants of outlook after all my attempts at uninstalling. One piece of evidence is that in the start menu, several office programs are highlighted (as I understand it, that means 'newly installed') but outlook and powerpoint are NOT highlighted, indicating that Windows thinks they were already there, even after all my uninstallation steps.
ps. this last time I ran the setup.exe, I ran as administrator - so that's not it.

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other thoughts on cause

by newmarket2 In reply to I can't remove Outlook 20 ...

1. A friend who is more technical than I is helping me and he's seen some indication that this problem happens when something goes wrong with an imap link.
He's found similar stories from people who loaded an outlook 2007 beta and then tried to return to outlook 2003 - they can't remove some key file or registry entry that is causing windows to think outlook is already loaded.
Does that give anyone any ideas?
2. When I installed, I was asked if I wanted to delete the installation files from c:. I said no and then looked for where they were located; and all the *.cab files were loaded in a folder calledl c:\MSOCache/All Users/......
Perhaps I should be deleting on installation?
2b. C:\Users, in addition to my user folder, has a folder called PUBLIC and one called DEFAULT. Might there be something there that needs to be removed that isn't by Revo

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problem solved

by newmarket2 In reply to I can't remove Outlook 20 ...

My friend discovered that the registry contains multiple profiles. When they have been deleted, Outlook will start up from scratch, allowing one to re-create email accounts and copy in various files like outlook.pst containing contents.
These keys can be found in:
HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-blahblahblah\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CURRENTVERSION\Windows messaging subsystem\Profiles
In this folder there is a folder called OUTLOOK and inside it are various profiles saved by the system and not removed by uninstalling OFFICE or using a registry cleaner like Revo
It appears that this problem arises as a result of using IMAP to get to the mail server. Although I don't know what I did to break things, this solution was discovered by one of many people who tried Outlook 2007 and then tried to return to Outlook 2003 and could not.

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