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    i cant share or open the already shared stuff


    by maddiee88 ·

    i’ve got 2 wireless and a lan pc connected through the same router.
    at first every thing was cool,i could share stuff and open them on other computers.
    i have no idea what i did,but now i cant with either of the computers.
    any suggestions.

    p.s i know nothing about the technical computer would appreciate replies in plain english


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      by maddiee88 ·

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      re plain english

      by technicianjosh ·

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      A little more info would help. In a networking situation, the possable causes increase drastically from a stand alone computer. First thing you should do is check and confirm connectivity between all devices. Do this on all computers. ( Start>run in the run box type “cmd” . This will open the command prompt. In the command prompt type “ipconfig” . This will show you the computers IP adress . Write it down. Do this for each computer. Now you will check connectivity. In the command prompt again, type “ping” and then another computers ip adress. Example:
      “ping 172.458.0.0” . Do this for all computers. This should be your firs step for trouble shooting. When you ping, it will send 32 bits of code to the other computer.. if it reports bak that all 4 packets are succesfully accepted, then we can jump to step two.

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