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i can't shutdown my computer??

By alexzenio ·
i can't shutdown my computer when i click the shutdown button during the shutdown process.. instead, it always restart when i click the shutdown button? i formatted the first partition where my OS is installed once but it always do the same. my operating system is windows xp professional.what would i do? can somebody please help me???

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to i can't shutdown my compu ...

Don't you get the usual options to Shut Down or Restart? If not, I'd run a full virus scan and spyware scan using reputable tools like F-Secure and Spybot Search & Destroy.

Have you tried the tried Shutdown in the Safe Mode? Press F8 while starting up and you will get the Safe Mode menu.

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by michal.woznicki In reply to i can't shutdown my compu ...

In my experience with XP this is normally caused by Advanced Power Management. If you have it switched on then try turning it off and vice versa.

XP executes an automatic restart in the event of a system failure. Therefore, more or less anything compromising the operating system during the shutdown process could force this reboot.

Disabling the ?restart on system failure? feature may permit the exact cause to be isolated: Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under ?Startup & Recovery,? click Settings. Under ?System Failure,? uncheck the box in front of ?Automatically restart.?

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by entawanabi In reply to i can't shutdown my compu ...

Do you have enough harddrive space for the stuff in the screen anymore, It sounds like a '98 system with no harddrive medium and to much in the screen to store in the volumne available - the screen can have several terra-bytes and some configured volumnes in the Bah and Bao size volumnes, The first is one cubic inch and the second eight cubic inches volumnes

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by sgt_shultz In reply to i can't shutdown my compu ...

did u see this:
Windows XP restarts unexpectedly or restarts when you shut down the computer

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by alexzenio In reply to i can't shutdown my compu ...

thanks to all of you for answering my question.i really appreciate it.there's no error when i trying to shutdown my computer and also its drive has large free space. I try to uncheck in the advance option of my computer automatically restart computer when errors found but it doesn't work. i tried the safe mode shutdown process,then it works when i press the shutdown button my computer will shutdown. what will be the error in my computer? can you please help me? thanks! i also tried norton antivirus 2005 but it cannot see the virus.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to i can't shutdown my compu ...

On every occasion where I've seen this happen it can be traced to the mains supply which leaves a lot to be desired on an ATX Power Supply. You'll be getting ripples from the mains which the Power Supply is interpreting as a restart signal and the computer is restarting.

The only answer that I've found that cures this problem is to insert a UPS between the computer and mains. When the computer starts restarting on shutdown it's time to replace the UPS's battery.


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by Susan.Kennedy In reply to i can't shutdown my compu ...

I you tried going to the Control Panel and looking for the Power Options. Under the Power Options, click on the Advanced tab. Under the Advanced tab, in the second half of the window, power options, the second questions, When I press the power button on my computer a drop down list of seversl options will appear, select the option to shut down. THen click the Apply button, and the OK button and Exit out of the Control Panel. This should set it so the next time you tell your computer to shut down it will shut down.

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by ServiceTech In reply to i can't shutdown my compu ...

What type of PC is it? We had lots of Dell GX150s that exhibited this same problem.

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