I can't upload over wifi, why is this?

By dragonrider69 ·
Hello, anyone who has an answer for this would be great. I am using a Net gear wireless router (WNDR3300v2). For some reason every time I attempt to upload a large file online, to any file host it does not work. It will upload sometimes half way or so, then just stop transferring the data. My Upload speed is at 0.97mbps, and down is 10mbps+. I have never had problems out of this router before, so I am a little lost with this one. I have firewalls disabled and everything else I could think of. I am running Vista 32bit home. Any ideas would be great thanks.

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How have you determined that the router is the problem?

by seanferd In reply to I can't upload over wifi, ...

Although the first thing that does come to mind, given what you have said, would be interference. If the signal is bad long enough for the connection to time out, it will.

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Have you isolated the problem to the wifi link?

by TobiF In reply to I can't upload over wifi, ...

Try connecting your computer with an ethernet cable to the same router.

If it works well over cable, then we need to look into the wireless: signal strength, radio interference, wifi protocols

If the problem remains even with the cable, then there may be some problem with the router, firewall, site, internet provider.

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Solved Perhaps?

by dragonrider69 In reply to Have you isolated the pro ...

Well, after changing the radio band settings to the 2.4 GHz range for wireless G & N instead of using 5 GHz for wireless N, everything seem to work. I was able to successfully upload my 171MB sized file with ease. Obviously, I will need to continue testing, to make sure the problem will not return, before I can confidently conclude that it was the radio aspect of the router that was troublesome. I should have tried this before hand, after reading other post about this specific router having 5 GHz band issues. Thank you all for your responses.

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Do you need 802.11n?

by TobiF In reply to Solved Perhaps?

If your internet speed anyway is around 10 mbps, do you really need an n-channel?
(The answer could be yes if you have a lot of internal traffic)

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Good question.

by seanferd In reply to Do you need 802.11n?

Most N implementations are not compatible across hardware. Could very well be one source of the problem.

As the channels were changed, that could have been a fix as well, if RF interference was the cause of the problem.

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Port Forwarding

by Enforcer Drive In reply to I can't upload over wifi, ...

It depends what protocol you are using. But some protocols are blocked on wifi routers. Find out the ports that your application are using and make sure they are forwarded in the router. For example in a dlink router you have to allow utorrent through the virtual server tab.

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So, if the protocol & port were blocked,

by seanferd In reply to Port Forwarding

you could upload, say, 500MB of a 1GB file before the connection is dropped?

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by Enforcer Drive In reply to So, if the protocol & por ...

No sorry, you are right, I think it would just upload at a ver slow speed if it was the port.

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I would hope

by seanferd In reply to No

that there would be no communication over the port/protocol at all. Then again, I've seen some weird behavior from routers, so a leaky iptables/firewall may not surprise me. UPnP (kill it!) can defeat the best manual configurations if left on, it seems.

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