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I constantly get these type of script error messages. How can I stop them?

By Hollowpoint16 ·||&j=w&vid=5153173641. Do you still want to continue running script on this page? Yes or No. Here's another:
I am not a techie like you guys are. I wish I were but I'm just someone trying to use their computer. I carry around an Etch-A-Sketch so people think I have a laptop. lol. Anyway, I get these messages constantly. What are they and what can I do?
Please help. Thank You

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For starters,

What operating system, like Windows XP, 7 etc., and what browser are you using?
You may need to update your web browser, or maybe even change. If you can
increase the RAM in your computer, that will help as well. Give us a few more
details of your system, then maybe we can find a possible solution!

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Reponse To Answer

by Hollowpoint16 In reply to For starters,

Thanks for responding. I use Windows 7 and I ususally use Google. My computer is an HP, AMD athlon(tm)II, X4 640 Processor, RAM 4.0 GB (3.75 GB usuable), 64 bit OS. Sounds Greek to me but I have full confidence you understand it. By the way, that annoying 'script error' message does not appear on Tech Republic's web site. I even left it up for a few hours to see and it only popped up on any other Internet site. Weird huh? Ok, I'll wait for your response. Again, thank you.

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to For starters,

Judging from the specifications you listed, I doubt it is your computer. So,
it is possible that the site itself is using extraordinarily large JavaScript files,
I don't know why some sites do that, but it happens. The other possibility
is an error in the script file. Does the error occur in Internet Explorer?
You can try that instead of Google Chrome. If it is an error in the scripts
themselves, IE generally gives a message to the effect "A script is causing
Internet Explorer to run slow, do you want to continue running scripts on
the page?". If you get this error, it is most likely a problem with the site
and not your computer. If you click "No" to not run scripts, then most
likely the web site will not render as expected and lack something the web
site designers consider important. You can contact the owner/manager
of the web site and tell them of any errors so they can correct them.
Good luck! Wiz

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IE Error

by gechurch In reply to I constantly get these ty ...

This is a reasonably common problem. It could be caused by actual programming errors on web sites (I can't load the example sites you gave to check if this is the case). If it happens frequently it is very likely to be a problem with Internet Explorer on your computer. . Back in the IE6 days you could re-register a few DLL files and that would usually fix it. On a newer computer like yours you can try resetting it to defaults (Tools - Internet Options - on the last tab), and deleting the history, disabling unwanted addons etc. I've had very little luck fixing it that way though. You'll likely have to uninstall and reinstall the browser. If you are using the version of Internet Explorer that came with your computer you will either need to install a beta version of IE10 (then uninstall it again to go back) or try an alternate browser like Chrome.

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