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I Deleted my Boot.ini File AM i SCREWED

By patrick_h8 ·
I deleted my boot ini file by acident and evry time i start my PC it gives a gay message but it starts i want to get rid of those words tho i understand i can reinstall windows and copy it and stuff but i lost my copy can i copy on from a different PC when i am running home edition and they r running pro plz give me a solution please some one thanks.

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by wcp In reply to I Deleted my Boot.ini Fil ...

Probably the easiest way is to make a Windows XP bootable floppy to boot to Windows XP and then copy the file to the C: drive.

1. From a Windows XP Home or Pro computer, format a floppy and copy the following three files; Boot.ini, NTLDR, and Refer to
2. Boot your computer from the floppy. You may have to change the boot sequence with the floppy drive the first in BIOS. This should allow you to boot to Windows XP. If this does not, you have additional problem(s).
3. Copy the boot.ini file to C: drive and edit (if you had made the floppy from XP Pro computer) it to change ?Pro? to ?Home?.

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by wcp In reply to

This assumes your computer and the other computer has same HD configuration.
Typically it is one HD and one partition with no recovery partition.
If you need more info or help, please add a comment with detailed configuration of your computer and the other.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I Deleted my Boot.ini Fil ...

Firstly if you actually deleted the Boot.INI the computer will not start Windows.

I'm supposing that the Gay message that you are talking about is some reference to Homosexualaty and that sounds like a Male Ware Infection or it could be a deliberate attack upon you by a coworker if you are on a domain or network of any kind.

If it's Male Ware you can download the following Adaware from

Spy Bot S&amp from

Install both on your computer and then perform any required Updates and then reboot into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key just after the Post screen disappears or just before it ddisappears if you have a Makers Splash screen appear and from the list chose Safe Mode only not Safe Mode with Networking. You'll be told that you are running in safe mode and asked to OK the action once you get into the system run Adaware and SypBot S&amp one at a time until they come up as clean and thenmove to the other and scan again. If you get any infections remove them and run again until it comes up as clean and then reboot and see if the problem persists.

If this is happening on a Business computer don't touch anything go directly to HR and make a formal complaint and leave the computer alone as they will need to investigate this and act accordingly. There are some very stringent laws in place to prevent this type of harasment and you need to allow the system to take its course.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

In answer to your question about coping from one HDD to another the answer is no unless the hardware is identical as Windows instlls the required drivers on the initial install for the hardware present and you can not move HDD as Bootable drives between computers of different configeration as the drive will not have the correct drivers installed and shouldn't boot. Even if it does you'll need to perform a reinstall to get the computer to work properly. On the up sidethough providedyou can lay yopur hands on a CD of the same typs XP Home you can install off that with your Product Key unless it is a prebuilt system from Dell, HP, Gateway or the like in which case you are going to need to contact the original makers and request at your expence a replacment Recovery CD as they come slipstreamed with only the necessary drivers for that system and you don't have a full XP install CD. But it will work perfectly OK on your computer as you only have exactly what you need and nothing more.

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by Blue screen In reply to I Deleted my Boot.ini Fil ...

If you have the original cd boot up with that cd and then run the repair option it will repair the OS files then your pc will bootup normally.

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your full of crap

by 99223 In reply to I Deleted my Boot.ini Fil ...

personally i think that all you want is a free disk for windows and that gay message IT WAS ABOUT YOUR DOG/MOTHER

next time u try to scam people DO YOUR HOMEWORK

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