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    I did not abuse them


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      I admit to puzzlement about the slow refresh

      by vulpinemac ·

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      Mine never takes more than about 30 minutes even when I haven’t updated it in months. I’m betting the battery issue is due to leaving it plugged in all the time–that’s why my 1st-gen iPod died.

      You did mention putting them in your pocket as well–pants or shirt? While I consider the iPod Touch fairly tough for what it is, long and thin doesn’t stand up to flexing in pants pockets very well, as evidenced by some people’s ‘hot pants’ problems when the batteries short due to a bent case.
      No, I’m not saying you’re abusive, I’m only trying to understand what the cause of your problem is since so few people can or do make the same claims.

      As far as choosing to use Android yourself, I have no problem with that–only the argument that Apple is inherently poor quality when customer satisfaction ratings empirically refute that statement.

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