i did not get print from my printer

By yogesh.kumar ·
Hai this is yogesh from vijayawada i had 1 printer that is in sharing i get print in sharing but which system had that printer from that pc print didnot get i checked firewall settings also

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to i did not get print from ...

Can't understand your problem from what you state. Please give more details in proper wordings.

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Well if I understand your question correctly which there is no Guarantee of

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i did not get print from ...

You have a shared Printer and when you send it a job from a computer that it's not connected to it doesn't print. Is that correct?

If that is the case and it's never worked previously I would be looking at the system and the way It was setup, also if it's even possible to share that particular Printer, there are many that just can not be shared successfully.

If it worked previously and is no longer working open the Connected Printer Window of course this assumes that this is a Windows System involved here and check that the printer is pointed to the correct Port. It may have somehow been changed if updates to the OS where applied recently.

If neither of those are the answer post back with more details of the systems involved and the Network Topology so we can attempt to help you.


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Maybe other print jobs running?

by Tim Heard In reply to i did not get print from ...

I have noticed that sometimes my kids will try to print something, and then when it doesn't print, will try the same command again. You should be able to look at your printer to see whether there are active print jobs that have been placed that are jamming up the printer. If one won't print for any reason, then none of the others will.
Generally what I do is to clear all the print jobs, turn off the printer, and turn it back on. Sometimes I will also reboot the PC for good measure.
This is a low tech solution, and there's probably a better way to deal with it, but this generally takes care of the issue on our home network.
Good luck.

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