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I didn't know they could do this with cell phones

By Dr Dij ·

looks like they can tap into your GPS if your cell phone is just on via a service in UK. Scary. (Must put on tinfoil hat! :)

and the part about cell phone software that can be loaded to listen in via your mic if phone is just on. of course the operative is 'if they can load software'.

I'd heard long ago that on some Sun unix CAD workstations back in the days of the 486 for PCs, the mic was on and unprotected by default, if you just connected to it. Sure that has changed.

Guess I'll stick with my older cell phone a bit longer, that doesn't have all these new-fangled blue tooth, blue eyes or a blue but. I do use the power-on lock code in case I drop it or stolen. That might prevent loading software when I've set down my phone in public on the newer phones.

And for once it isn't M$ fault! I hear there is an embedded linux, not sure if that is in use for cell phones.

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GPS Tracking

by TheChas In reply to I didn't know they could ...

I did not look for any links to the news story. But, last fall a lady near where I live had her purse stolen.

She was able to use the Internet to track her GPS signal and direct police to the exact location of her purse.

The purse snatcher was stunned to say the least when the cops came knocking at his door.

But yes, the privacy implications are alarming.


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