I do not know why i can not access my FTP server installed on my PC with pr

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I do not know why i can not access my FTP server installed on my PC with private ip address of from a remote network (outside my default gateway router with an ip address of 86.16.X.X * the public ip address*) eventhough i have configured the port forarding (NAT translation) on my cisco router as follow: %ip nat inside source static tcp 2573 interface FastEthernet0/0 2573%. **FastEthernet0/0 is the outside interface** (i had to change the default port number which is 21 for FTP to 2573 for security reason). As well as i did set a new traffic rules on my firewall to allow the port 2573 using tcp to my local FTP server.When i use the filezilla client to access the ftp server from my LAN, the access is fine. But when use the filezilla client fom a remote host the acceess is denied. For troubleshooting reason i did take the cisco router out my network and plug the fastethernet cable straight to my PC, it did work. Does that mean that my configuration for port forwarding on my cisco router is wrong and if that is the case why i do have the access to the Internet using the OVERLOAD NAT translation. Please can anyone have the answer to my troubles???? Thx

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Dig deeper, and you'll find...

by TobiF In reply to I do not know why i can n ...

...that ftp uses TWO TCP port numbers.
Usually 20 and 21.

This protocol was developed just a couple of years after the stone age, while there were:
No NAT routers
No man-in-the-middle
No Malware

It can be tricky to get a ftp server to work well from behind a router even without moving it to another port number.
(But, if you can use the standard port number, then many routers will figure out and do the needed magic for you).

I'd suggest you try a different approach. SSH, perhaps?

Or look at Hamachi, VPN or something, to break the barriers and secure the connection, and then run your ftp session the normal way.

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You need to FTP to your public IP and forward ports 20 and 21

by Slayer_ In reply to I do not know why i can n ...

to the private IP.

You can only use your private IP if you are inside the network, not outside it.

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And, it's filtered by ISP...

by TobiF In reply to You need to FTP to your p ...

OP's ISP connection filters incoming TCP traffic to these ports (as far as I understand).

So, the way around could be VPN/Hamachi style channeling.

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FTP over non-standard ports with NAT requires a special config

by robo_dev In reply to I do not know why i can n ...

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