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    I don?t get rid of “battery failure”


    by thomas.weidinger ·

    I have a 14 year old Commodore PC40 III.
    Since a few days he always shows me “battery failure” while starting up. I opened the PC and wanted to change the battery, but on the board there isn?t any battery. Instead of them is a label with “Rev. 8.2B” written on it.

    Can anyone of you tell me how to fix that problem.
    It?s very important cause of financial datas are on the HD of this Commodore.

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      Reply To: I don?t get rid of “battery failure”

      by djent ·

      In reply to I don?t get rid of “battery failure”

      If this is an 8086/8088 CPU (XT) the only battery would be an expansion card not the motherboard. If it is an 80286 (AT) it would be a tubular device like a capacitor often at the rear of the MB.

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