I dont have Windows CD?

By sanwardak ·
I bought a used HP pc 5 months before with window XP pro preinstalled. Now I want ro do a clean window installation, but the problem is the windows CD did not come with pc but it has the products key stiker on it. I went to pc repair shop where I bought the pc and asked for a CD or iso image of the OEM, but they didn't give me they said bring your pc here and pay $40 we will install windows agian which is so stupied. Can some tell me where can I get the CD? None of my friend has this CD to just borrow it and use my own product key.


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Most HP's come with a Recovery Partition not a Install Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I dont have Windows CD?

You can however buy a Recovery Set from HP for your Model Computer. It's just a matter of contacting HP and buying the Set after you provide enough information so that they can properly identify which version of XP you have installed.

Unlike Vista or 7 there are several different Install Disc's for XP and you can not use the Product Key off one type for another version of XP. So you really need the right version of XP Install Disc to begin with.

You can also check your Installed Product Key with a application like Key Finder

As sometimes the Product Key on the Install doesn't correspond with the product Key on the COA.

To see if your Computer has a Recovery Partition and how to use it look in the System Makers Instruction Manual for your Model Computer. If you didn't get a Manual or can no longer find it you can download it from HP here



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It is windows XP prof

by sanwardak In reply to Most HP's come with a Rec ...

It is XP prof and it dosent come with recovery partiation. I have to contact HP but they will give me only recovery disk to just restore the system or original XP CD. I will contact them.


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Do you have the i386 directory?

by TobiF In reply to It is windows XP prof

If you're lucky, then whoever did the previous install, left on your hard drive an install file repository in a directory that in most cases is called i386.

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The HP Recovery Set

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It is windows XP prof

Will return the system to As New Condition so it will be exactly as supplied by HP new.


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