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    I dont think your site is working ok


    by barryw1 ·

    I am using Firefox, it does not let me View a document after I login – just keeps asking me to login. Its not a case of invalid pw cause its not giving me a login error – just not letting me see a doc on your site. Please help or fix.



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      by barryw1 ·

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      Pop-Ups and other settings

      by thechas ·

      In reply to I dont think your site is working ok

      First off, the question and answer section, and the discussion forum at Tech Republic are peer to peer forums that are only loosely monitored by the TR staff.

      Next, to get content from TR and have a successful log-in, you need to accept a number of cookies and pop-ups.

      I see that I have 5 cookies from and 9 cookies from

      I have been running Firefox for years and have had little or no problems with Tech Republic.

      The site itself has problems from time to time. One big one was a few months ago when the parent (cnet) took all of their sites down for several hours without letting TR know it was going to happen.

      Most downloads open in a new window or tab. I have TR on my allowed pop-ups list.


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