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I don't understand some terms...

By CBV ·
This question may look silly... I'm new in project management, so I have a lot to learn. I don't understant the 'operations' concept. In an article it's something like 3 hours on operations, 3 hours on projects then 2 hours on operations again. Maybe someone could take some time to explain the 'operations' for me.

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by BFilmFan In reply to I don't understand some t ...

Project management is usually focused upon design, delivery and implementation of a solution.

Operations management is focused upon on the important tasks of planning and controlling both production and material flows or service delivery.

In essences, project managers plan and implement the process. Operations managers keep the process running.

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by CBV In reply to I don't understand some t ...

Thank you. It's all clear now.

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by The Admiral In reply to I don't understand some t ...

With Project Management comes great responsibility. New terms are always coming to surface when it comes to PM. Operations is just one of those terms that can mean different things. In manufacturing, it means the line that is being operated, rather than the financial aspects. It changes per the specific group that you are in.

In information systems, operations can be a wide range of facets such as databases, rollouts, etc but for the most part it is the team that you have in place. This is the actual management. Projects of course is where you stop the management process, go back look at the plan that is set out, then measure your successes and failures based on that plan to see where you stand. Then manage go back to operations and throw muscle to take care of the problems to bring the plan to a sucessful conclusion.

But in every case, the operations is where you are doing management, ensuring proper execution, and performing the tasks that abide by the plan. Operations is as fluid as the day, so it can become confusing. But the important thing to do is to critically go back and see if operations are progressing as the plan requires.

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by vrindvij In reply to

Execution is the key word for Operations.
I can understand that. I can see myself as a PM for Ops executing and implementing a number of activites for a Channel team. I also see myself doing a number of forecasting, data-mining,database management etc. The issue the below person(probably) and I are facing is that there are not too many people doing the same things in the organisation as we are! With this we set example to ourselves. How can I improve the operational efficiancy and how to manage the "execution" better?

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by rob mekel In reply to I don't understand some t ...

As you might know questions ain't silly.

As previous answers do answer the maybe of operations it could well mean that a person first starts a day with 3 hours on operations (whatever the operations of his firm/department/task are) then works 3 hours on a project (most likely regarding to what his normal job is, as he is an expert on that job) and afterwards back to 2 hours on operations again

Actualy the why of the terms can only be answered in the context of the article.

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