I dropped my laptop charger head (what is plugged in the laptop) in water

By lolitaa ·
So I dropped the head of my charger in a bucket of water. It’s only the end part that plugged in the laptop port.
I am too afraid to use the charger and damage the laptop.
Why should I do ?
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Was it plugged in and powered up at the time?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I dropped my laptop charg ...

If it was I would bin the charger as it most likely fried the circuity inside the charger but if it wasn't powered up you should be safe to dry it out spray something like WD40 or CRC into the socket to prevent rust forming and using it again.

Just make sure it is dry before plugging it in and remember if it had power at the time don't use it. If you have a Multi Metre you could check the voltage at the plug but if you don't know what you are doing you could make things worse so if you have no experience with Multi Metres don't bother.

Also it's very good practice never to have any fluid near any computer ever, as no matter how careful you think you are being at some point in time either the computer will end up in the fluid or the fluid will end up in the computer.

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