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    I feel so dumb, prob something simple, i am making hard!! Please Help


    by 5jgibbs ·

    Well, I need a way to “see” who is connected though active directory users and computers, each user has a roaming profile. Someone told me to go to terminal server management; I see my remote desktop connection but nothing else. I know this is probably a simple problem, and I have done many searches, but its just one of those things I can?t find. Thanks for your help


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      One step at a time! :)

      by leiaj24u ·

      In reply to I feel so dumb, prob something simple, i am making hard!! Please Help

      I would like to help. First define your first objective. What is your purpose? Do u really just want to see what computers are on the network, & why? do you want to access a domain? Are you working with terminal server or active directory and for what reason? there are more than one way to do some of these features. Do you want to control them remotely or what? R U looking 4 servers, DC’s or just users? If u just want 2 implement Remote administration, u can access the MMC Console. Supose u want administer a 1 Win2K from a WinPro desktop? Pro doesn’t provide the same level of admin tools.By accessing the server thru my Network places & launching 2000 admin tools setup wizard using Add/remove programs. u can copy the admin tools onto the Pro desktop. Win2k will not actually have the tools…it will simply load to a remote machine. It sounds like u r interested in the Active Directory Users computers. I am not sure what level u r at? R u doing snap ins? roamimg user profile is is set up to support users whom work @ various computers(locations) This is set up on the network server as a roaming user. It is available to the user no matter where he logs on in the domain.( this is copied from network server to one client computer ). Have u looked at Mandatory user profiles? Hope this helps some. A good book is Microsoft MCSE prep 4 exam 70-217. Terminal services u can access programs running on older computers , integrates with Win platforms & non-Win based client devices.Good luck!

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        ok :) one step

        by 5jgibbs ·

        In reply to One step at a time! :)

        Ok, il try to explain myself a bit better.. sometimes i am bad with words

        I have a windows server 2003 box. That acts as a domain controller

        This server is running active directory users and computers

        each user has a roaming profile that is located at \\server\login\USERNAME

        then i have the “desktop” redirected to the server, so instead of the desktop files being take from C:\documents and settings\username

        its taking it from \\server\userlogin_store\USERNAME

        i would like to be able to monitor the B/W of each user, because there is no money for gigabit Ethernet or thousands of dollars of equipment, the B/W has to be monitored on a user end basis…

        this will help me determine what is best for the network overall.

        but most importantly, i would like to see who is logged on.. each user is logged in through active directory.. so that should not be so hard..

        my domain is asus.local

        so.. again.. any help.. would be great :).. and thanks for the reply leiaj34u


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      any more ideas

      by 5jgibbs ·

      In reply to I feel so dumb, prob something simple, i am making hard!! Please Help

      any more ideas guys.. ?? i am kinda stuck here .. thanks


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