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I feel validated :)

By Shellbot ·
The short of it is:
Had an independant review of our organisation and they have submitted thier findings. Someone was thoughful enough to send it to it i found the following peice which almost made me weep at the thought that someone out there see how much work i am doing!

4.3 IT

Currently there is only one resource working in IT. This individual would appear to have a very heavy workload, which has result from the implementation of the new system.

Some of the activities included in the role are as follows:

o Administration/Security
o Maintenance
o Production Support
o Testing
o Change Control
o Small System Updates
o Training/Queries

There is currently no cover for this person in the event of illness, holidays, etc. The IT Unit is presently a ?One Stop Shop? and would appear to be swamped with work requests, etc.


Consider trying to remove some of the workload from this Unit to allow this resource to focus on their primary tasks. Some of the activities that could be supported by another area of the business are as follows:

o Business Support/Training
o Change Control ? Only use the IT resource as a referral in relation to technology solutions
o Communication of Change Process resolutions
o Testing ? System Users should be considered to support this process

I hope management are going to take this stuff on board..cause i getting crippled under the workload. I recently got a big pay increase, but the workload has continued increasing and i'm at a point where i am running to stand still now..

Any managers out there think this sort of advice will be followed? James, any input?

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We had a big redistribution of tasks a few years back

by jdclyde In reply to I feel validated :)

In a five man IT shop, things just kept growing out of control.

we let people choose what they WANTED to do, because if you like what you do, the theory is that you will do it better.

In your case, it comes to the point where you tell someone something they don't want to hear. You will get this done in a week, because I am working on XYZ right now, and then ZYX. Your place in the work order list is one week out.

Thank you for using Shellbot industries for all your IT support needs! Have a nice day!

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i started that a few weeks back

by Shellbot In reply to We had a big redistributi ...

i had to tell a few users that there was not way i would get to thier stuff for at least 2 weeks..

and for all the admin work on the database..holy sheeps..i've got stuff from xmas i not sorted out yet..and the list mounts..i reckon i about 3 months behind :)

But on Fridays, i don't much care :)

Shellbot industries ..i like that...i'm going to use it somewhere clever now :)

thanks JD

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And don't forget

by jdclyde In reply to i started that a few week ...

"Your call is very important to me. Please continue to hold while I ignore you"!

Good luck. Time for me to look at both the friday yuks that are going.

(doesn't ANYONE know how to check the "NEW DISCUSIONS" list anymore?) :0

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Well it is something that I wouldn't generally speaking recommend

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I feel validated :)

But as I don't know the exact situation it may not be correct for the place where you work.

Instead of farming out the IT related work to different departments you still have the problem of the entire section grinding to a halt with sickness, Holidays or Heaven Forbid a serious injury preventing that single person from working.

I would generally support the idea of increasing the number of personal working that side of the business as it allows the business to have sick days off for the tech without adverse impact upon the business or even in a Worst Case Scenario if it's necessary to lay off that staff member if there is any Ill Will the Tech could effectively cripple the company by sabotaging the hardware not that I'm saying that is the case here but it's possible. Or even if a serious injury was to occur to the sole IT Department Staff Member the company would be in serious trouble. While it's always possible to call in Outside Consultants for a Stop Gap Measure it aways takes them time to workout what is going on and how to best manage the system so this costs the company extra money in the time involved and the lost production incurred while the outage is happening.

From previous experience these things always happen at the worst possible time and if there is no Tech on hand at the time all hell breaks loose particularly with Sales Staff and loss of their E-Mail capacity as they all rely so heavily on their ability to instantly send & receive messages of possible sales or to maintain customer satisfaction. A phone call will fill the gap in the short term but it's no substitute for sending receiving pictures or proofs to or from the customer.

The worst thing listed here is the last Testing ? System Users should be considered to support this process while I'm not trying to beat up on End Users they are hardly the correct people to be involved in any form of testing as that isn't their job and generally speaking they are terrible at it often causing far more work than they save.

I remember at one place that I Consulted for they installed an upgrade of their Accounting Package and after 3 days called me in to fix up the mistake as they had 4 users who where feeding in data but as the Central Data File hadn't been accessed they where just creating their own data files locally and where unable to see the income or expenses on the master file. That one required all of the 3 days work to be reentered on what should have been a simple upgrade and only taken at best 1 hour to install and setup correctly instead of the several hours attempting to fix up the mess after the event.

Just my 2 cents worth but I think that it's more than reasonable to request more staff if only for the good of the company. That way you can have holidays without the need to constantly carry a Cell Phone and constantly be on it answering questions so that the system can be kept running and you don't get the break that you need so much.


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if yer ever around

by Shellbot In reply to Well it is something that ...

please come talk to these guys..

*snickers at entire section*

we DO have a staff member who deals with networks and the like (his boss is the finance director)..i'm not hardware at all..but anything other than hardware falls to me (my boss is the Research manager)..not bad considering the initaill job spec was for database support :)

but ya, when the applications go down and i not around, they stay down till i back. When i was in canada they had 2 days where the database aplication was down. had to call in a day contractor to sort it..

for me it can be a good thing. i am given huge leeway and whatever i say is taken at face value. Because they've overly relied on me, i've got them in a spot..when i refused my contract due to no pay rise, they came back with a 20% rise..(i didn't comlpain at that :)) i didn't refuse to be mean..i just thought i deserved rise..
because i do everything, i know our system inside and out..and yer right..i'm not that type of person, but if i was, i could do some damage and thing is, they wouldn't even know..
good thing i have high morals

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:) good for you :)

by rob mekel In reply to I feel validated :)

but do you like being called a Unit ("Consider trying ... workload from this Unit to ... their primary tasks."), eeeeeww. Doesn't sound nice to me. (jd, for instance, uses "other parental-unit" as description of his ex-wife)

Overall I think it is good that there is a report that states you are overloaded with work. And if they are satisfied with the job being done by you it should give you the chance to improve your position / work environment. Maybe that is why they lean on you, technically, for the new HR-system and giving you that responsibility.

Be aware that they can cut in your responsibilities as you have them now as to reduce the workload for you.

As I said overall it is nice :) to get the recognition of what you have been doing for the company. :). And I'm happy for you. :)


:) keep up the good work Shellbot!! :)

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i not expecting too much

by Shellbot In reply to :) good for you :)

but as you said, its nice to have someone see whats going on.

i had to laugh at being called a "unit", but whatever works..i been called worse..*even a sissy*

at the end of the day, its all experience and the contacts i am making are well worth the hard work.

I have a fantasy i will get an underling..that would be sweet...but probably not going to happen..ah well, maybe next year eh?

thanks for the encouragement :)
the whole thing has made my friday that much sweeter.

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by JamesRL In reply to I feel validated :)

Sounds like someone with a sane head on their shoulders did the analysis.

I've been in large organizations where re-orgs seemed the norm - every two years they would take another look and change things around. But usually it meant moving whole departments. I did once find myself moved from working for the manager in the next cube to working for a manager 2000 miles away in a different country.

Its always good in principle to reduce the number of tasks to allow you to focus on fewer tasks.

I think training can and should be done by training experts (as a former trainer....), and you can hire those on contract if you prefer. You should control the agenda and the curricula but let someone else deliver.

Change control - good to have a business person chair this kind of thing - challenge the need for changes, etc.

Commuincation of change proces - again, helpful if someone else does that.

Testing- there is the nut of it. This should always be the goal, but it rarely happens. Unless you have a very specific project and get very specific committments for user participation in testing, it never happens on time and with the quality you want. Its like a sub project, and it needs a champion in the user group to run it.

I have seen this kind of thing work, but rarely does it work with a big change out of the gate. Try to prioritize and group them, and spread out the change over a period of time.


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