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I filled the survey... This is my Remark at the end...

By Netweezurd ·
Since I was writing a huge Remark, I decided to see if I was alone...

Like most web sites, the proverbial "beef" covers less then half of the web page. Way too much garbage ?? la Tweet this or that, Submit, Google +1, Facebook, Digg, Hot Discussions and Questions... it's with out ends.

The blatant corporate advertising disguised as "White Papers" are like nails in the coffin.

I run NoScript and, on a typical page, there's more than 15 script trying to tie my visit to anything it can... it's a travesty. I still come here because the writers do try to be helpful.

One big thing missing : In house training, not a pay link to some other shop. Techrepublic has become just another blog website to the point that I have unsubscribe from most of the newsletters.

You guys need to get back to teaching techs on what their job is and how to do it. Naturally, following technical a curriculum. And not on the Pro, read Pay, version of subscription. It would be an immediate NO as my trust level is pretty low here.

Anyhoo, H.F.

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