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I fixed my laptop, what a surprise! (to me)

By jdclyde ·
Have had my Dell Inspron 1100 for about a year. (Yeah, I got it free because it was "dead")

It belonged to my buds wife, until her kid spilt a nice glass of soda on it. Can you say "oops"? I helped her pick out a new laptop and she said I could have the old one to play with. I never turn down equipment, as my basement clearly shows. hmm, should take some pics, huh?

Anywho, the problem was the KEYBOARD was bad. $15 off of ebay and I was rocking, and it worked great for about 8 months.

Then, for no reason I could find, it would boot into windows, and then reboot. and reboot. and reboot. and reboot...... (on and on).

I figured windows was toast, so was going to reload it. Simple enough, huh? Before doing that, I figured now was a good time to upgrade the RAM, and got a gig for $80 (kingston), instead of the 256m that was in it. Popped in the memory and turned it on, just to make sure the post would show the right amount of memory.

Would you believe that @#$@#%$@ booted? And is running fine? :0

Well, isn't that a "fine, how do you do?" . I figured bad ram would at least crash and give some kind of error? Silly me.

Anyways, happy time to me! Didn't get yours going? Wow, sucks to be you....


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So now, jd dearest....

by gadgetgirl In reply to I fixed my laptop, what a ...

you have no excuse for not skyping.

Have you?


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yes, can spank now

by jdclyde In reply to So now, jd dearest....

not sure how you misspelt spanking that way, especially after your trip to the spankorama over on peter street. ]:)

Side note, this isn't the one that had skype loaded on it (that got rained on) so will have to load it on. PM me the contact info, luv.

How is your lappie holding up?

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mine is doing ok

by gadgetgirl In reply to yes, can spank now

apart from the fact it won't download TRoL podcasts, as you know (thanks again for sending that boatload last week, even if I did get a gigglefit or seven on whilst on the train....... )

May try more memory in it - it still likes some sites more than others...!

(no. no jd. Don't go there. On pain of death.)

oh - and I was skyping - I have absolutely no idea what Neil was doing in Spankorama on Peter Street..... <bats eyelashes innocently>


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it isn't memory, dearheart

by jdclyde In reply to mine is doing ok

hey, did you check out the NON-trol's I sent ya?

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But JD it did give an error

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I fixed my laptop, what a ...

The system wouldn't start that is a bit of a give away surely. :^0


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The only error I saw

by jdclyde In reply to But JD it did give an err ...

said "loading Windows XP"

oh wait, that is MY error for still running windows on it....

I was ABOUT to reload it as a linux system and keep my IBM T20 as my working windows system (win2k) because it has the serial ports I need for working on network equipment. Being a PIII doesn't matter when your just using hyperterm and getting emails.

Being slow is actually a plus, because it keeps me from loading new stuff on it, and keeps my boys from eying it up! B-)

Need to get that one going again....

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It's a surprise to the rest of us too. (No text)

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I fixed my laptop, what a ...
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I wonder

by jdclyde In reply to It's a surprise to the re ...

what The Beth would do if I reported that last unsolicited message with no nutritional value, as spam?

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Are you kidding?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I wonder

This will take me straight onto the "Sweet Biscuits" list.

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If there is no justice in the world.....

by jdclyde In reply to Are you kidding?

then maybe.....

But as she called ME sweet biscuit before there was even a sweet biscuit list, it would be a hollow victory for you... B-)

I think I see what is going on here. I bet YOUR laptop isn't working!

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