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i forget administratrator password in win xp

By rajreddy004 ·
how to break the administrator password. how to solve this problem.

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I remember how to recover

by NickNielsen In reply to i forget administratrator ...

Reinstall Windows.

Edited to make the initial rude response somewhat less rude.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to I remember how to recover

You could always install Ubuntu or Fedora. That is, if it is actually your computer.

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Where do you look?

by cachetray@... In reply to Alternative

I made a huge mistake and changed user names on all of the accounts active on XP, booted to Fedora Core 6 and forgot that when logging back on to XP the last user name will still be present. Without knowledge of any of the new names I was locked out when attempting to log back on to XP. I loaded Knoppix to have access to most of the Windows files, but could not find any of the new user names. Did I over look a file or folder under /hda1?

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Check your documentation

by NickNielsen In reply to Where do you look?

What do you mean, you didn't document your changes? That makes it your problem, not my problem.

Try checking in the "Documents and Settings" directory; that's the default storage location for profile information.

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by cachetray@... In reply to Check your documentation

When addressing the issue in my prior post I do not believe I stated anywhere that it was your problem. Your profile shows that you have extensive experience with Linux. This was not a hardware nor an electronics issue Umm.. Where was that file located again?
I am a firm believer in documentation and also a believer that sometimes things like this happen. Not to say that I would ever do it again myself though..

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Caught me before coffee

by NickNielsen In reply to Helpful

And, to be honest, I lumped you in with the original poster in this thread. If I was incorrect, you have my apology.

To clarify my original response to you, the default location for profile information in Windows XP is the C:\Documents and Settings directory. Each user profile is stored in a sub-directory carrying the same name. If you browse that folder, you should see all the valid Windows user names on that PC.

Edit: type, post, proofread

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Your coffee must be cold

by cachetray@... In reply to Caught me before coffee

To clarify my original reply, I was unable to log in to XP, The fact that I could use Knoppix to view and access my ntfs partition was my only hope. After reading every accessible file in /hda1 I could not find the new user names.
I must have overlooked a file or folder somewhere inside /hda1. I could recreate the problem and try again, but I do not think I will be successful. Thanks for trying to help though..

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You can't find the directory?

by NickNielsen In reply to Caught me before coffee

Under Knoppix, you should be able to see "/hda1/documents and settings/%username%". Are you sure /hda1 is the correct drive and partition? Has it been mounted properly?

Try booting to PCLinuxOS or Ubuntu live CDs. If the hard drive was accessible, I have never been unable to find an existing Windows file or directory with either.

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