I Forgot my bios password on my laptop Hp Nc 6220

By Ac-8700 ·
Please help me revoming it... i've tried everything

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remove the rtc battery

by MNE In reply to I Forgot my bios password ...

in the service and maintenance guide on page 1-4, it says in order to reset the password you will need to dismantle the laptop, remove the real-time clock (rtc) battery for approx. 5 mins, replace it and the password will be gone. also all settings in the cmos will be reset to the factory defaults.

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Thank you

by Ac-8700 In reply to remove the rtc battery

Thank you very much for trying to help me... but i dosent seem to work. i removed the rtc batteri for an half hour but the bios password is still there....? so now i dont have a clue to what to do with it, and i dont want to just throw my laptop away. Are there any other way to remove it...?

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Help needed

by sermes22 In reply to Thank you

I have the same problem with my NC 6230 Laptop.
Please help me.

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I've tried removing the cmos batteri

by Ac-8700 In reply to Help needed

And i dosent work...
So i total clueless and thinking about trowing that piece of **** out

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you need to leave it out for five minutes on th hp 6600 series

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to I Forgot my bios password ...

1. Prepare the notebook for disassembly (refer to Section

?5.3 Preparing the Notebook for Disassembly? for more


2. Remove the real time clock (RTC) battery (refer to Section

?5.20 RTC Battery?).

3. Wait approximately five minutes.

4. Replace the RTC battery and reassemble the notebook.

5. Connect AC power to the notebook. Do not reinsert any

battery packs at this time.

6. Turn on the notebook.

All passwords and all CMOS settings have been cleared.

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