I forgot the BIOS password on my vaio computer

By Chaos_Knight275 ·
I forgot the BIOS password on my VAIO computer
(lucky i have two computers) any ideas how i can bypass it + reset it safely?
my model of VAIO is PCV-RX752

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Call the helpdesk

by w2ktechman In reply to I forgot the BIOS passwor ...
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by sbrown95 In reply to I forgot the BIOS passwor ...

If you are not experienced in PCs, which I'm assuming you are not, you should not attempt to override a password of any kind. The reprecussions of a bad reset could severly damage your system. With that said, all passwords on a desktop can be reset by a jumper located on the system board. You should not change the state of any jumper on a system board if you are not completely confident on your actions. You could also contact Sony via phone or Website to obtain a manual for your system with detailed instructions.

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I forgot the BIOS password on my vaio computer

by dspeacock In reply to I forgot the BIOS passwor ...

Removing the CMOS battery will allow a fresh start of the BIOS without a password

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IDK what to do

by junkmonkey07 In reply to I forgot the BIOS passwor ...

Where is the CMOS battery cuz i dont know what to do i got this computer from my mom and she said she forgot the power on pass word and i have tried everything i can think of and im looking for a bypass or a reset or something if you could help me i would be VERY greatful!!

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SONY VAIO Desktop BIOS Reset

by jtblas In reply to I forgot the BIOS passwor ...

Today I was on the site and was able to get help on this. The first article I got was :

if you have no luck, go to and talk live with a sony rep on chat. They will help.

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CMOS - BIOS Password Removal - Programattically

by ba_khan In reply to SONY VAIO Desktop BIOS Re ...

Go to start button and in the RUN type CMD

On your prompt ( It may be C> something like this )

Type Following:

C>Debug (Press enter)

You'll see something like a blinking _

_a100 (Press Enter)

then keep on typing followed by ENTER

mov cx, 34
mov dl,0
mov mov al,dl
out 70, ax
inc dl
mov al, 0
out 71, ax
loop 105
int 20

press enter twice after last line and then on prompt
-g ( Press Enter)

And reboot, you'll see your password washed away. And you can enter your setup. cheers:

WARNING: This program will erase first 34xh bytes of information from your CMOS and you will need to redefine all the hardware etc. Or you can use LOAD DEFAULT setting to set up your CMOS settings.

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