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I Fried my laptop and not sure which bit I've damaged!!!

By nickinewton ·
I was trying to repair a dodgy connection on my mouse recently. I soldered the wires back onto the usb port and plugged it back into my laptop. One of the wires came loose and in my wisdom I used the sodlering iron on the plug while it was plugged into the laptop.....

Ok I'm stupid, I should have known better after always wearing latex gloves whenever I normally do such computer repairs, but nonetheless.... It shut down immediately and now wont restart, I've tried the startup discs and even on the first one it won't start. The message I'm getting is Loading RAMdisk image and a white line going across the screen when trying to load this. If I start in normal mode or last known good configuration it tries to load the windows start up screen and freezes.

Is it my hard drive I've fried or RAM, any ideas so that I can replace it?

...and please feel free to join the barrage of stupid names I've already called myself...lol )


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Post in Questions

by GSG In reply to I Fried my laptop and not ...


Instead of posting this in discussions, try posting it in the questions forum. You're more apt to get some assistance there.

Good luck

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My old IBM does this occasionally

by NickNielsen In reply to I Fried my laptop and not ...

if I'm not careful inserting USB connectors.

You've shorted out the 5V supply and probably sent the regulator into overcurrent.

If you haven't already done so, shut the laptop down completely, remove the battery, wait 5 minutes, reinstall the battery, and restart the laptop. This will reset the overcurrent protection and, hopefully, allow your laptop to start normally.

If it does not start, you've either blown a fuse or the 5V regulator. In this case, you will need to consult a professional repairman.

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Thanx )

by nickinewton In reply to My old IBM does this occa ...

I tried that, but it looks like a visit to the repairshop.... Thankyou for your response anyway Nick. It was good of you to advise me.

Nicki )

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