i get BSoD when inserting an Ipod into my laptop, what is the cause of it?

By NS Designs ·
i have had a problem with my laptop, Acer travelmate5620, i get a blue screen error 0x0000007E when inserting my Ipod. i have sent the laptop up to acer, and they said that they couldnt find a problem with the laptop, i have run a memory test, loaded the correct intel chipset drivers and upgaded to XP Service pack 3, but still no luck. i have 1026mb Ram and a 1.66Ghz core2duo intel processor with 2mb cache, please any advice be apprecitated as this is urgent.

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Take a look at this.

by Darkchimaira In reply to i get BSoD when inserting ...

Does this help u?

Also go into safe mode and try ur ipod there, does ur ipod work in another computer?

Go and get this program:

It will tell u what driver if any is the cause of ur problem.

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by NS Designs In reply to Take a look at this.

yes i tested all that, and the problem was with apples latest itunes v9. as soon as i unistalled that version,the BSoD dissapeard. so now, trying to find a earlier version on Itunes which seems to be working sofar.

Thanks so much for the help.

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If this I Pod works in a different computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i get BSoD when inserting ...

It could all be to do with the available current at the USB Ports. Quite often with Under Current Issues with USB Ports you can get all sorts of screwy error messages which do not correctly relate to the actual error occurring.

All USB Ports should have 500 Milliamperes at each port so make sure that you are plugging the I Pod directly into the computer not a USB Hub or through other USB Devices. But as this is a NB to improve Battery Life many NB USB Ports provide a reduced Current from their USB Ports so if that is the case here you'll need to plug in a Powered USB Hub and plug the I Pod into that but only when the computer is running.

Also which version of I Tunes do you have installed here? You can get the newest version 9.0.2 direct from Apple here



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Still wondering why

by NS Designs In reply to If this I Pod works in a ...

im still wondering why itunes 9 causes this problem on this specific laptop, as itunes 9 and the Ip work perfectly in a desktop machine, which has half the preformance, and to reply to OH Smeg, we have sent the laptop up to Acer, who say the they cant find any problems with the laptop, is it possible that itunes 9 is just not compatible with the laptop mentioned?

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Prob a Driver or iTunes issue

by oldbaritone In reply to Still wondering why

I've struggled through many problems with iPod - crash, not recognized, hang etc...

Every time, the "final fix" has been either an iPod driver upgrade, an iTunes upgrade or both.

Apple seems to have a lot of compatibility problems. Then, just when everything is running fine, iTunes downloads an upgrade and it's broken again.


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Well for starters if it's a Design Feature

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Still wondering why

That this model NB has a very low Current on the USB Ports the makers wouldn't find anything wrong with it. I recently had an Acer that had been returned several times to it's makers to be fixed and always returned as OK when it actually needed a Lot more RAM inserted.

As that was the way that the system was designed it was Perfect as far as the makers where concerned. The fact that it wouldn't do what the owner required wasn't at issue here because the NB was working perfectly when tested by it's maker as to what was expected of that model.

When I have a customer with a working version of I Tunes I turn off the Auto Update Option and leave them with what works. I too have had numerous issues where the system worked and after a Update from Apple it stops working. It's been a ongoing nuisance for years so instead of the weekly/monthly updates I only update when I know that there will be no issues and I always have a copy of the old version to reload if necessary. I don't trust Apple Updates and always download the full program and store it in a Temp Folder before installing it. If that is of any help.


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by NexS In reply to Still wondering why

Have you plugged your ipod into another pc with the same version of itunes as OH Smeg suggested? if you have and the problem doesn't exist then my theory about ACERs is proven.

theory is that the spelling should be changed from ACER to ARSE.

I hate ACERs

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You won't get a Scrabble score for that !...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to tests

You're not allowed to substitute letters!

I think you meant ARCE.

ps - I like my ARCE/ACER :)

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i was going to do that...

by NexS In reply to You won't get a Scrabble ...

But americans say "***" and may not have understood it...

And on second thought, scrabble scoring is what makes the world go 'round!

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