I get internet with the ethernet cord...but can't get wireless!

By shawnashimko ·
I can get on the internet with the ethernet cord, but not with the wireless. I have the password to connect, but it wont let me. When I go to coffee shops or restaurants I can connect to their wireless...what gives?

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What gives?

by NexS In reply to I get internet with the e ...

Nothing gives, really. But I really don't think you are delving into the philosophical, are you?

Perhaps, then, you'd be inclined to give some more information?
Information such as your operating system, method you use to connect to your wireless internet, your router, the steps you've taken in troubleshooting for yourself, and any other pieces of golden information are unfalteringly vital to the resolution of your problem.

With the little information you've supplied, I would suggest that you first reset your router to the factory defaults and try and log into the devices web interface to ensure that MAC address security isn't enabled (if it is, you can either turn it off or add your wireless card's MAC address in).

Also, seeing that you've been able to use your ethernet cable, I'd check to make sure that the router's wireless function is turned on. Normally, there is an wireless button/light that is illuminated when it's switched on.

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RE: what gives?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I get internet with the e ...

You need to setup your Computer which I suppose is some sort of Portable device to use your Home WiFi Access Point.

Assuming that this is some kind of Windows system run the WiFi network Setup Wizard and create a new WiFi Profile.

If you are not using Windows you'll need to tell us what you are using so we can give you the correct directions for your OS. ;


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Your patience, dear friend,

by NexS In reply to RE: what gives?

Seems to be running thinner these days. I see your replies to bad questions have become increasingly short on their content.

I don't blame you either, I've just had a 'typing day'.

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Post deleted

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Your patience, dear frien ...
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No not at all I'm NICE God Dam it.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Your patience, dear frien ...

I read that on the INTERNET so it must be correct.

Just here I didn't know how to answer this with more detail when there was no way to know what is being used. :0

Col 0:-)

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I've seen

by NexS In reply to No not at all I'm NICE Go ...

Frustration creep up on your as of recent times.
It's entirely understandable - there are definitive 'how to ask a question' guidelines.

But I think it's laziness more than lack of knowledge.

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But But But

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I've seen

I haven't posted the entire contents of How to Ask a Question the Smart Way for ages.

Actually I don't think that I've ever posted that under this account. That nasty HAL9000 used to do it all of the time but because I'm NICE I don't think that I've ever done it.

Made me wonder why that is so though.

I must be getting old and losing interest now.


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The relationship between

by NexS In reply to But But But

Getting old and losing interest scares me...

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Just wait

by santeewelding In reply to The relationship between

Until you get to where you don't give a flying fluck.

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The course

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The relationship between

of that relationship is up to you.

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