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I got a ? in Computer Science

By xsubxwooferx ·
For a computer science degree do I just learn how to program in C++ and java? No html/php, graphics, web admin any of that?

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RE: I got ? in Computer Science

by bijosn In reply to I got a ? in Computer Sci ...

Computer science is not about learning to program in C++ or also has nothing to do with science. Usually an ideal computer science curriculum covers subjects such as data structures and algorithms, operating systems, computer organization and architecture, compilers, concurrency, AI, distributed systems, communication systems, design patterns, calculus 1 & 2, Linear Algebra 1 & 2, Discrete Mathematics 1 & 2 etc...

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What about Electrical/Computer Engineering Degree

by xsubxwooferx In reply to RE: I got ? in Computer S ...

At Dalton State its called Electrical/Computer Engineering Associates Degree and I dunno what that really means but when I clicked description I could do either. It would be between CE or CS Degree in the long run but i'm mainly wanting the one that has the most power if you catch my drift. The one which more jobs will be produced for. Like the one that we need the most in the long run to. I know I can get a job for either here in Chatt town. Either one I would love doing it.

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RE: What about Electrical/Computer Engineering Degree

by bijosn In reply to What about Electrical/Com ...

EE/CE are both good, it depends what you do with the knowledge though...i know a lot of people who doe EE/CE degrees and then get a normal 8-5 job at some big multi-national and they stagnate much for the EE\CE degree.

I would recommend a double major...Computer Science and mathematics. If you are a math wiz and a hardcore computer scientist...then your imagination is the limit!

or even math, physics and Computer science.

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Learn everything you can

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to I got a ? in Computer Sci ...

When I was a student-operator working at a college, a new student had a question for one of the professor, ?What one computer class can I take to get a high-paying job??

The professor mulled the question over for a moment, got a thoughtful expression and said, ?I don?t know, but when you find-out tell me.? It seems that human nature really hasn?t changed all that much in the last twenty years.

Actually, you should learn everything you can; you might not get a chance to use it right away, but two years down the road who knows. Knowledge is power and has the added advantage of helping keep one employed.

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Yeah I know :-/

by xsubxwooferx In reply to Learn everything you can

But friday I had someone try to break in my house when I was here and they ran off quick before I could get a hold of him and I don't know if they caught him or if he'll come back soon and my mind is set on that and might be for a while till I know answers.

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