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I got two copyright strikes on Facebook page. What now?

Hi there,
could you please help me? We are running business page and we got two copyright strikes there. Those violations are one year apart (the second one came yesterday). What will happen if we get a third strike? Or How Many Strikes Can A Business Page Get? Do that strikes last forever or will they disappear after some period of time?

I find it hard to stay completely clear. We are posting 10 posts per day about sport news. That two copyright violations resulted from things we and many other pages post daily.

Should we start a backup page to get our audience there? Do that strikes last forever or are they "deactivated" after 3 months (just like at YouTube). I don't know if we are just one strike before being deleted... I would welcome any advice.
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Facebook is pretty vague...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to I got two copyright strik ...

... when it comes to their Copyright Strikes. What I have gathered from a few who have had their accounts banned - it was done after the third strike.

I would suggest reading this informative article on "15 Ways to Avoid Facebook and Instagram Copyright Strikes"

Good Luck!

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you are posting someone else post

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to I got two copyright strik ...

Facebook is getting strict day by day. If you will use someone post then they will ban you. If you will repeat the mistake, then Facebook will not allow to post anything in future. so be aware of this kind of things

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Stop copying other content

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to I got two copyright strik ...

If Facebook will find that you are copying others content or if you are doing some spammy things. Then stop this kind of things otherwise you will get ban on Facebook & you won't recover that because Facebook is getting strict.

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