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I gotta say TR has done it

By Oz_Media ·
After almost 10 years of the website working one day, dead the next, page time outs and 404's,posts that don't post initially, then when retyped double post, TR has finally got something working. I don't recall the last time I typed out a wordy reply only to have it stall and time out when posting and lose all the info entered.

For the last few month and for the first time in history, TR is a useful site that works just as it should. Reviewing comments this morning, it just came to me that 'hey TR is working pretty fast today.' but then I thought, 'when was the last time there were issues?' it was certainly some time ago and I don't know if others are having issues (maybe it's the benefit of running Vista as opposed to a nearly decade old OS )

Either way, well done TR, you've managed to make the community work again, fixed the sidewalks, got the water and electricity flowing again, bravo!

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by GSG In reply to I gotta say TR has done i ...

I used to never get the 404's and problems posting, while others did, yet lately, I have been getting those issues.

I guess I just dare to be different!

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maybe TR felt like switching it up a little

by RookieTech In reply to funny

by letting the ones that have had problems not have them and those without problems laying the hammer on them by giving them problems lol :)

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Ain't you never heard about speaking of the Devil?

by santeewelding In reply to I gotta say TR has done i ...
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speak of the devil

by RookieTech In reply to Ain't you never heard abo ...

lol nope never heard of it lol

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Yes I considered that

by Oz_Media In reply to Ain't you never heard abo ...

But we are talking about computers, not karma.

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That was my first thought.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ain't you never heard abo ...

I wonder if this will post on the first try?

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Never had issues...

by TNT@support In reply to I gotta say TR has done i ...

Sorry, but in the nearly 3 years I've been a part of the community I've rarely, if ever, had problems. Of course I've been on either Vista or OS X the entire time...

But hey, I'm glad it's working great for you now!

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It was a major hadache for all users for the longest time.

by Oz_Media In reply to Never had issues...

TR would be up and down more than a Vietnam ***** in war time. They had endless issues server side with script handling, they even lost everyone's logins at one time after a site redesign.

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Member Oz causes vast consternation amongst TR's

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I gotta say TR has done i ...

IT dept.
The question "Which change fixed it?" gives rise to a mexican wave of shrugging.

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You really should post more often

by Oz_Media In reply to Member Oz causes vast con ...

I know you are a regular here and have been for many moons, but your wit is always welcome in my camp.

EDIT: LOL. I posted the one sentence above and then saw two typos in the title alone, fixed them and then realized there were two in the one sentence of body copy too!

Suppose it's time to go home now.

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