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I guess people really do use this site.

By aaron ·
But I dont get it. Probably at lease
50-75% of IT employees are contractors. I have plaed a few open job messages on here and no responce. Confused, I mean they arn't crap jobs. Probably minimum paying job I have listed is 70K per year. Dosn't anyone on here want to advance thier career. Or is everyone on here really that content with thier current jobs??

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To anser your question.

by mgmguy1 In reply to I guess people really do ...

I think i most people who are IT employees like what they are currently doing or have already have moved on.
I know a few people who like thier current jobs and know how to to it well and do not with to deal with anymore stress then they already have.

My two cents

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Could be true-Thanks for your reply!!!

by aaron In reply to To anser your question.

Nothing to say here except wanted to say thanks for your feedback.


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Another factor or two to consider

by generalist In reply to I guess people really do ...

Using your URL as a source, I decided to look at your web site to get a feel for the organization. I found that several of the images were missing for some reason, making the site look a little odd in places. This might scare off some IT consultants that are image conscious.

I then tried looking on the TechRepublic site for any job in Toronto, Canada. I couldn't get past the search screen because the form requires a valid state. If you posted the jobs in that area you might be running into search problems.

A third factor could be your guess at the percentage of people that are contractors. While I have met a few contractors, they are vastly outnumbered by salaried IT professionals in the circles I frequent.

There might be a fourth factor. I noticed that your message had a few spelling/typographical errors in it. If your job postings had similar errors in them, people might be avoiding them because of the image thing. (I didn't see the postings so I'm only guessing here.)

I hope this helps.

I just wish I knew about this site when I was job hunting a few months ago.

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I could not agree more

by T. E. Walker In reply to Another factor or two to ...

Your postings are filled with errors. The website still has many missing images, although you have had a week since the message from generalist was posted in which to correct this. This is NOT an "image" thing for me. It is very simple. I generally won't work for, or apply to, companies I can see from the beginning are incompetent. You might want to hire a decent webmaster to fix that dreadful site of yours before trying to get IT professionals to consider applying through your company. Fix the broken images and get rid of those annoying marquees at least.

Further, you did not list your jobs in the "Jobs" section of this site - you put them in a Discussion. People ignored them because they were posted by someone who didn't even bother to look at where to place job openings. Pay close attention to my next sentence: If you are that careless about this, you will probably be that careless about me as an employee too. Not likely to attract IT people who are not yet desperate.
And finally, the only other posting I found from you betrayed considerable ignorance about the IT industry as a general thing. Which is no bad thing, by itself - you are certainly at the right place to learn more - but you don't seem to be using this site fully. Did you even search for Data Warehousing? Nope, or you would have found over 200 articles, sorted by relevance, and over 200 Columns, also sorted by relevance. Which is why no one answered your question.

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I thank you for input,a bit harsh though

by aaron In reply to I could not agree more

I need you to tell me what errors you found on our "dreadful Website". I have opened it numerous times to find no errors, though I am not a tech guy so there could be stuff I am missing and don?t even know. As for my posting I realize my spelling isnot very good, but never has anyone been single minded enough to tell me that because a person has bad spelling skills that they are incompetent. I understand that it might scare off some people but you went overboard with incompetent.

Also I amin Canada and as with so many web sites (or web site creators) they have forgotten that Canada exists. I cannot post on the job board because it has no option for Canada. If they did their homework they would realize that Canada has the highest ratio of internet users in the world!!! So why it gets ignored so often is beyond me!!!

Thirdly you may have the time to sort through 200 postings to find your answers or just are not forward enough to just ask. I dunno, but the way I figure it is I put a question up and I got an answer!!!!! Works for me!!! I am not a tech person so there are a lot of parts of this site I do not even need to use, so my suggestion is that you use it for your needs and I will use it for mine. Fair???? Good!!!

I do appreciate your response even though my return post might seen harsh.

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Error Sampling

by generalist In reply to I thank you for input,a b ...

I decided to do some spot checking of the image errors. I'm using IE 5.0 or so. Note that this search is not comprehensive.


Some of the graphics errors are:

I get an 'Iter8 Incorporated' image bracketed by a pair of hyperlinks leading to the index page. These hyperlinks appear to be images that are not being loaded.

At the bottom the 'To Home' button image is missing.

Company--Management Team:
This is also missing the 'To Home' button image.

Services--Insurance Technology:
Main image at the top of the page is missing.

At the bottom the 'To Home' button image is missing.

For Our Clients--Hot Candidates:
Four hyperlinks are hidden under missing graphics at the top of the page. You have to click on them to figure out where they go.

(This page doesn't have a 'To Home' button so it doesn't have an image problem.)


I hope this helps. You might want to try clearing your browser cache before viewing the page. That can hide mistakes.

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Our Web Guy Says Thank You!!!!!!!!

by aaron In reply to Error Sampling

Thanks for taking a look at the site for me I do apreciate it, and our web guy thanks you even more. He has actually been working on making some changes to the site recently and says that the changes my be causing some errors. We have not had any complaints about it before so we are hoping that is the problem and that we will have it all fixed up soon.


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