I had to redo everthing on my PC.I don't have the key number for word.HELP!

By xx_kaley_waS_here_xx ·
I need a site that I can use to get a new key number so I can use Microsoft Works Suite 2001. It has a word program on it, that I adore, and also need in order to do my research paper.

Help is extremley appreciated.


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2 options

by NDS84 In reply to I had to redo everthing o ...

What you are looking to do is commit piracy. If you really can not find the 25-digit alphanumeric key you need. The two options you have are purchasing new MS Office software, which you can likely get for a song as you are a student, (check the collage bookstore). If buying is not an option, you can download (for free) Open Office this software looks and operates very similar to MS Office, this will also support all MS office formats.

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Or you can try...

by nebheprura In reply to 2 options

You can also call Microsoft and beg and plead for the key. If they have any record of you via registration of Office product or something like that, and the reason you had to re-install is something they have sympathy for, then they may help you out ONCE.

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You may not need a key

by Kiltie In reply to I had to redo everthing o ...

If all you want to do is view/edit Word documents (.DOC format)

There are freeware programs out there that will do that. Google for it, you'll find one.

If you need links, post pack.

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As far as I know

by zlitocook In reply to I had to redo everthing o ...

Techrepublic people will not give help for hacking or trying to get into things that non administrators should not get into.

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You get your original install CD's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I had to redo everthing o ...

Then pickup a phone and ring MS and ask for a product key that will work on the Works set that you have. You'll most likely need to read the numbers off the inner ring of the CD to prove that you have genuine MS Product and if MS is still offering support for this product they will within 7 to 10 days e-mail you a replacement Product Key.

You might be lucky and MS may still be supporting this product but at 5 years of age I doubt it.

As you really only have Word in Works that is of any real benefit to an Office Type User you can either buy another copy of Works or download Open Office which will do everything that M$ Office can and more and besides the cost of the download it's free with no problems of requiring Product Keys and activation several years from now if you have to perform a reinstall. If you need more than Open Office provides you can download the Open CD available here

Or you can download Open Office from the above posted link.

Failing that you are eligible for the Academic Versions of Office but I would really suggest that you wait till Office 2007 is released as there are some interesting packages included with it that are not available fro previous versions. If you have to have it now see if they can provide you with a Coupon to upgrade to Office 2007 when it becomes available for the cost of Postage & Handling M$ will provide this upgrade as it's available now but I'm not sure how this applies to the Academic Version of any M$ products.


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