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I hate cheap fans

By robo_dev ·
If they can put a man on the moon, why can't some company make fans that last more than a year?

I know, cost cost cost, but seriously. Even the 'so called' high-end products, like my ATI video adapter, has a cheap fan.

So even though the video card is less than a year old, on bootup I hear the fan doing the little moaning and groaning sound, telling me it's on the way out.

The fan in my fairly costly nVidia adapter just seized, causing the card to overheat and fail.

And the power supply fan in one of my Dell PCs is starting the death-rattle.

At least a dozen times I've worked on PCs where the first thing you notice is that it's too quiet, and there's a burning smell, meaning the power supply fan is toast.

I have a Cisco switch which has six good quality ball-bearing fans in it. It's as loud as a vacuum cleaner, but they keep going and going....I suppose that's part of the reason that unit costs twice what most switches cost.

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Some people are like that.

by santeewelding In reply to I hate cheap fans

No ball bearings to them at all.

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I hate it for you

by NickNielsen In reply to I hate cheap fans

The fans in my main home PC have been running fine for over 5 years. They are getting a bit noisy, though. It may be time for a new PC...after I pay for the new furnace.

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fans are cheap . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I hate cheap fans

you don't lose data over fans

they've got almost 40 years in HDD Mfg. R&amp and still can't (er Won't) make a 100Year HDD

and in fact the older HDD's lasted way longer than these new Pieces of Junk being sold today

I still have 2 80MB IDE disks from 1 from 1988 & 1989 that still work

in fact one is still installed in an 80386 running DOS 6.2 for those ancient DOS games

I still have all but one < 2GB HDDs
but have had dozens of > 2GB HDDs toast
and the bigger they are the quicker they seem to toast . . .

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You win some, you lose some...

by .Martin. In reply to I hate cheap fans

I was expecting the fans that came with my case to be complete junk. year and a half later, they are still some of the best fans I've had.

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