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I have 2 servers

By XnavyDK ·
I have 2 servers one is a the primary domain server (I should not really call it a primary since its the only one) it is a dell poweredge 2900, and I have another server this is a dell PE T300 we plan to use to run as our web server (the web page will be sql driven). I would like to think this server will not be utilized to its fullest with the website alone so I was wondering if using it to supplement the domain server as maybe a backup DNS. or even a mirror/clustered server to take off some of the load on the primary? suggestions?

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What about down the road...

by cmiller5400 In reply to I have 2 servers

You have to think a year or two down the road... If the company may expand, the website is going to see more hits and utilization...

I wouldn't do it. Leave it as a web server. I would suggest that you spend the $$ and get another DC in there for redundancy just in case your other one gives up the ghost.

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I have thought about down the road some

by XnavyDK In reply to What about down the road. ...

If I just can get to the end of the street I'm on... I took on this job (newly created position) knowing it was not going to be an easy road. But anyway I digress. I was thinking short term. I keep adding more users (not that many 2 or 3 a month so we are growing) and we are now running peachtree off of it as well as the inventory sql db and and IAS and so on. my internet seems to be bottoming out, sporadic packet loss and such. I think the domain server is over taxed a bit. I dont understand the logs enough to know what the root cause is. so i figgured maybe move some of the roles to the other, and maybe use it as route through. EEK!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to I have thought about down ...

I would leave the webserver/peachtree server alone, it sounds like you have it doing enough. Build up another DC and move some of the roles to it.

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This troll agrees with cmiller, but for a different reason

by Churdoo In reply to I have thought about down ...

Your webserver is exposed on the internet. For this reason, you want to avoid making it a DC and risking making said DC vulnerable to attack.

If you suspect the PE2900 may be getting over-burdened, and there isn't budget for another server yet, then perhaps there are some things you can to do improve her performance, like adding RAM, or posting some of these logs you don't understand, etc., rather than potentially exposing your AD to the internet.

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I should not have used the word troll

by XnavyDK In reply to This troll agrees with cm ...

My apologies. No excuses.

thanks for the info

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Does runnin the logs...

by XnavyDK In reply to This troll agrees with cm ...

Does running the logs take up that much resources? Ram is a good idea, its expandable to another 4g I think. I really didn't think of the exposure issue thanks. That takes my idea/question off the table. I also need to look at what my users are doing in regards to surfing. Maybe that's what causing my services to be lagging/dropping packets etc.

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I should have clarified about the RAM ...

by Churdoo In reply to Does runnin the logs...

I should have clarified in my original post ...

If running Server 2003 STANDARD, it will only utilize 4GB physical RAM regardless of how much the server will hold physically.

So if you are indeed running Standard Edition, and are running less than 4GB you can bump it up to 4GB at a modest cost and realize some improvement, otherwise if you're already at 4GB RAM then you'll have to look elsewhere to improve performance.

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I will have to

by XnavyDK In reply to I should have clarified a ...

yep its 03 SE sp2. /sigh

I just turned off IAS for the moment, i was running it as a test anyway for learning purp. I still have to move the inventory db off the c drive, maybe the IAS was slowing me down, problem is that I did 7 major things since the slowdown seemed to occur within that time-frame I don't know what to isolate as a point of reference. SO, I plan to do this incrementally, IAS first, move sql off the c drive and any other db that is on it. I hope Symantec endpoint is not. I would have to take the server down, off the net to move it off and reinstall it. If these 2 don't solve it, I will continue learning the perfmon so I can get a fix on it. I guess I need to buy The Art and Science of Performance Monitoring
by Guy Thomas $5.25.... do they have this in the "FOR DUMMIES" category!

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I would look into moving the IAS server off your DC

by Dumphrey In reply to I have thought about down ...

as its bad practice. Also, it would improve the response of your IAS server and your DC/SQL servers.

Also, look at tweaking the SQL server, is the database on the same drive set as your OS and swap file? If so, move it asap, that alone should give you a 5-10% boost in performance.

Also, you can get alot of info about your server by using the performance console and configuring some alerts in Performance Logs and Alerts.

Look at free Memory in MB, disk ques and total network traffic as a start.

Here is a quick refresher...

As a start though, you need at least 2 Gb ram in that server, 3 or 4 would be better, and seperate disks (or raids) for the OS and SQL DB, this is even more important since its running AD and not just peachtree.

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yes they are all together

by XnavyDK In reply to I would look into moving ...

You guessed right, the sql's are on the same drive as the OS. I def need to move the Intellitrac server off the OS drive. I have postponed it due to knowledge /impact of services. I went in know it was and issue. The peach tree sever I installed on a new raid array knowing beforehand that nothing aside from OS should be on OS drive. Thanks for the link, VERY helpfull, I have been working on logs and performance all week, its driving me nuts! (due to my limited understanding of course!)

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