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i have 2 viruses!!! HELP!!!!

By Jenniferx77x ·
please help me remove the following viruses:

win32: trojan-gen (NPMyWay.DLL)
win32: DyfucDidr-E (Optimize.exe)

operating system i use is windows me
Also could anyone tell me what they do to the computer. The real problem i have now with my computer is the internet explorer does not function properly and crashes many times especially while using IE. My brother was going to throw the computer out because he did not know why the computer was messing up on him, so I took it over because I needed it and scanned it with avast! anti-virus software. It said the computer had a trojan horse and a virus. whats the difference between the two. I think the infections date back to 2003 because under the last changes tab it read 4/27/2003 and 4/28/2003. PLEASE HELP!!!

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this is what I suggest

by j.lupo In reply to i have 2 viruses!!! HELP! ...

Ok, you need to get the latest Anti-Virus software to help remove the viruses - Something like Norton. Now since IE is messed up, you may have to completely re-format the harddrive and re-install the OS and applications.

Once you rebuild the system, I would suggest making sure you keep the most up to day Anti-Virus software on it, get at least 2 spyware packages like Ad-Aware and SpySweeper to help keep malicious code off the machine.

Finally, install Firefox as your browswer. this will also help keep the baddies off your system.

There may be another way to fix your system, perhaps others here at TR can help. But as I understand it my suggestions should work.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes.

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re help

by Black Panther In reply to i have 2 viruses!!! HELP! ...

These are not viruses but spyware/adware. First download and run some Adware and Trojan Remover programs.

ie Ad-Aware, Spybot, Spydocter etc

( be carefull when removing registry entries! )
Make sure you also have a virus checker.

Make sure you install and run a virus checker whether a paid or free one ie Norton or AVG ( free including updates )

Make sure you are protected with a Firewall ( at least the default XP or even better download or pay for one ie Sygate, Zone Alarm etc

If you have trouble removing the above Trojans search using Google and look in some of the Forums ie

type remove npmyway.dll in google and the same for

remove DyfucDidr-E (Optimize.exe

you may be lucky enough to find a program that will detect and remove otherwise you will find some manual removal instructions.

worse case scenario will be a reload of operating system and maybe internet explorer

good luck

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by Jenniferx77x In reply to re help

Thank you for the advice. I will try your suggestions and keep you posted.

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used spibot search and destroy (IE still not working properly)

by Jenniferx77x In reply to i have 2 viruses!!! HELP! ...

I believe that spibot has removed the 2 infections mentioned above and many others that I was unaware of. However, the IE still freezes up. I have updated it but it still does not work properly. I guess formatting is the only alternative unless someone has any other suggestions. As of right now I am using netscape 7.0 as my browser and it works great! But the IE often causes so called <unknown> errors and also causes my desktop not to function at times (netscape will stay functioning but bottom bar on desk top disappears, as well as, all icons on desk top). I believe IE causes this because it happens most of the time after the "IE has caused an error" message pops up. What am I to do with IE?

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by Black Panther In reply to used spibot search and de ...

You could try uninstalling and re-installing IE!

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Service Pack

by Roger99a In reply to used spibot search and de ...

Downloading and installing the latest service pack for you OS may fix the problem. It sounds like an Explorer problem and not just IE. It certainly won't hurt to try.

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by collins_jw In reply to i have 2 viruses!!! HELP! ...

A virus is a replicating malicious program that tends to change files to itslef or a mutation of itslef.
Trojans are Trojan Horses. They appear to be a program you want, even need when they are malicious. Most Trojans today are used to install an access for another computer user to use to view, even control your computer.
Many malicious programs today do not co-exist with working antivirus programs. They either make them appear to work, when they do not, or they won't allow them to work by shutting the program or computer down.
Avast, AVG, trendmicro, Symantec and many others all have free utilities to help remove viruses, including specific utilities to remove one virus/ worm/ trojan.
Try going to and run their web-based utility as a start.
Also, disable the system restore.
If that doesn't work, it may be best to FDISK the HD and start over if you have the means to accomplish that. If not, keep checking out different FREE AV products until you find one you can understand enough to rid the computer of malicious programs. Just be sure to try and uninstall the old AV program before you install a different AV scanner or they will fight for control and the virus wins in the end.
Once you rid the computer of malicious programs, find out how and why they got on the comouter.

By the way, if you don't know what a computer firewall is, you need one.

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Microsoft Anti Spyware Beta

by Why Me Worry? In reply to i have 2 viruses!!! HELP! ...

you can download it free from Microsoft's website

it seems to work pretty well and does nightly scans

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would posting a log from hijakthis help

by Jenniferx77x In reply to i have 2 viruses!!! HELP! ...

should i post my log?

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by Roger99a In reply to would posting a log from ...

What you should do is Google every program you see in your log. Then you'll know what your up against, and can probable fix it.

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