I have 3 operating systems on my existing HDD now?

By Adairser ·
I have had three operating systems on my HDD now and find it very useful to have the drive set up as multiple boot. I'm thinking about going to an SSD. Will this be a problem to install more than one os on the SSD? Should I use multiple SSD's to set this up? Does anyone have any feedback on this? I'm using XP pro, Vista and Windows 7.

Thanks, John

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SSD are much smaller than conventional drives

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have 3 operating system ...

And I personally prefer to keep different OS's on Different HDD but that what I personally like it's not all that important.


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Reponse To Answer

by databaseben In reply to SSD are much smaller than ...

i also agree but not because it is a personal decision but a matter of long term functionality and logic.

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Think virtualization

by strongmantigan In reply to I have 3 operating system ...

In your place i would install only one operating system on the hard drive, and the other two installed as virtual machines with VMWare Player. Is so much easy to perform any task U need to perform. U can instal even a Linux virtual machine :) The advantage is that you can discretionary alocate resources, and switch between OS's without rebooting your PC. So much fun :)

PS. I almost forgot: the OS's images could be located in other place even on your network. LOL

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Reponse To Answer

by dldorrance In reply to Think virtualization

Agree. I also use VMware Player (free) to run Windows, the native OS being Linux. The only downside is that the virtual OS will run slower than if installed on a HDD.

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you're lucky

by databaseben In reply to I have 3 operating system ...

you're very lucky that you computer hasn't crashed and or required to reformat your whole hard drive yet.

my suggestion is to put 1 operating system per disk or virtualize the older operating systems onto the newer one.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to you're lucky

Especially if Vista is one of the three operating systems. Vista has a hard time working all by itself and it would not surprise me if it took the whole system offline.

Call me old-fashioned but SSDs are still a fairly new technology and I don't trust them entirely.

I had one fail recently. No bad noise, no warning, just poof and the whole drive went away forever.

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Each OS to a drive of their own

by Thmiuatga In reply to I have 3 operating system ...

I ran three different Operating Systems on one single drive once. Too much trouble and lost too much data so that lesson taught me to confine them to their own separate hard drives. I am running XP x64 on my primary master and Ubuntu Linux 11.04LTS on the Primary Slave and I boot from the slave to pick either XP or LInux.

Now as for details to aid you on SSD's you need to go to the Revision3 website and choose the show called Tekzilla. access episode#282 and pay attention to the PC upgrade portion of the show where they are discussing the formatting of SSD's. I don't use those drives but I found it interesting and I hope you find this information helpful.

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