i have 60 computers to connect

By yrlrao ·
i want to connect 60 computers located at various locations where no broad band is available (Dail up is available) what is the best and most economic solution to connect all these

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Have you considered

by santeewelding In reply to i have 60 computers to co ...
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Not an answer, some questions

by lyle148806 In reply to i have 60 computers to co ...

What is the distance between your 60 odd computers, are they close enough that you can do some wireless giggery and pokery?.

Do they just need the occasional chat or push of data, or do they need to be visible to each other all the time?.

How heavy would the bandwidth requirements be?

After all, if you have Gigs of data to transfer around, the old adage of don?t scoff at the bandwidth in the boot of your car with a box full of DVDs

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And on what budget?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Not an answer, some quest ...

I mean, can you afford to put up a chain of radio modems and relays?
Or can you only do the dial-up thing?
In any case I'd imagine you'd need a centralized server and have the others connect to that.

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You'll also have to tell us what you want to do here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i have 60 computers to co ...

Why do you need to connect these 60 Computers?

Are they to be used for something special?

How far apart are they? You say over different locations is this like Different Locations in a School College or in different parts of the country?

Are any of these computers on an Existing Network or are they all stand alone units?


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