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    I have a battery problem

    by marthawbowman ·

    I have a problem when I open 5 tabs my laptop go to off automatically. Can anyone solve this problem?

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      Re: battery problem

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to I have a battery problem

      Possible solutions:
      1. Run with adapter in stead of battery only.
      2. Only open 4 tabs.
      3. Use another browser.
      4. Replace the battery if #1 is a success.

      For me, this is unlikely to be a battery problem. Why do you think so?

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      I agree with Kees here.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to I have a battery problem

      This sounds more like some other issue.

      My favorite find is a laptop that the owner never cleaned the vents on. I can’t tell you if that’s it but let’s get this out here.

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      Try this

      by jimoravidar ·

      In reply to I have a battery problem

      You’ll need to do a couple things in order to narrow this down:

      1. Pull the battery

      2. Unplug the power

      3. Remove the memory, hard drive and any cards like WIFI

      4. Plug the power only back in

      Try to power on the unit. If the unit still shuts down after 3 seconds, it’s a motherboard problem. If it doesn’t shut down anymore, you’ll need to add back in one of the components I mentioned above, one at a time and test power after each one; to find out which one caused the issue. Process of elimination basically.

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      clear browsing data

      by jaceytome ·

      In reply to I have a battery problem

      I think so browser issue, clear browsing data then again try

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