i have a compac presario 2oo. none of keys work win i push them.

I am not able to open my computer. When i try to tpye in my pass word nothing happens. I mean the key board is not working. And now my PC wont even come on. Help please.

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Check the obvious first

by IC-IT In reply to i have a compac presario ...

Does a lamp or Radio work in the outlet the computer is currently plugged into?

Remove the power cord from the back of the PC. Hold the power button in for 30 seconds.
Plug the cord back in. Verify the other connectors are secure and try to power it on.
Does the power fan spin up, any other indications of power?

You may have a blown power supply. They are easy to replace (as long is it is a standard size).

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Your Compaq

by santeewelding In reply to i have a compac presario ...

Is a laptop, correct?

If so, you confuse when you say you are not able to open it, but that you can tpye.

I think everybody needs to know a whole lot more from you about this.

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Basics first

by jvanniekerk1 In reply to i have a compac presario ...


Lets check the basics first.

When you remove the battery and insert again and boot up. Waht happens? Do you get "dos windows" or "pre-windows dis screens" options"?

If so, try hitting F8 on your keyboard after the very first screen (before Widnows starts to load). If that works, then your actual keyboard works, but there might be a driver issue.

We can tackle the next step then...

Kind Regards

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After Basics - Hardware

by jvanniekerk1 In reply to i have a compac presario ...

If the keyboard does not work at all but Windows does boot, then try this:

Reseating the keyboard:

If Windows does not switch on at all, take it to your supplier. Could be powersupply or motherboard.

Kind Regards

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A NB that is getting progressively worse

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i have a compac presario ...

At first the Keyboard doesn't work and now some time latter the unit isn't getting to the Log on Screen.

What was spilt on the Keyboard?

What was done about what was spilt onto the Keyboard.

If nothing I would expect that the unit is now dead as it is getting progressively worse as the Electronics either corrode of are adversely affected by whatever it was decomposing on the circuity.


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