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i have a compaq 1750 (400mhz)laptop.

By bjshoup ·
I have have windows xp pro. on it and it ran fine until i did the windows update on it, it was taking so long to update because you would look at the screen and it would tell you that you have only 21 files to go, then you come back and it would tell me i have 50 files to go yet. So it was getting late at night so i stopped it in the middle of it, got home from work the next day to turn it on and it told me it couldn`t find operating system. I found out that it destroyed part of my fat32 file system and changed my boot up sequence, it used to go cd then floppy then c: drive, now it goes A: then c: drive. I tried calling HP for help on this 2 times already and didn`t get nowhere. I tried unplugging the cmos battery hopefully to reset itself and that didn`t work. There`s nothing wrong with the motherboard it still works, you just won`t find the cd-rom or cd-rom boot sequence. I tried pushing each f-Key to try to find the cmos settings and there ain`t none. Like i said it still works, but you have to take the hard drive out and stick it into another laptop to load win98 on it, then take it out and put it back in the laptop. Then turn it on and it will ask you if you want accept the settings or not, so i choose ignore because the other one won`t do anything, then win98 will start up, but you try to load driver`s on it and some won`t work, like my video card won`t work, because i loaded the driver on the hd before taking it out, the all you had to do is open the folder and click on setup but that didn`t work either. All i know is the motherboard still works but can`t figure out how to get my original boot-up sequence back and fix the viruses on my hard drive so i can reload xp back on it, or win2000pro on it.

just email me a solution to fix it or what to do? email is bjshoup@bright.net, i normally check my email everyday.


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