i have a couple of friends using vista home/premium and they are complainin

By uchenna84 ·
they are complaining of slow internet connectivity and very slow while working on other programs in the vista.
i ve tried scanning for virus and defragmenting but no visible improvement.

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More info needed

by patb071 In reply to i have a couple of friend ...

When did they upgrade? clean install? purchase? same computer? what are the computer specs? Make sure vista is fully patched and all the device drivers are up to date.

Honestly we can post all day and not give you the right answer until you give us mone info

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by seanferd In reply to More info needed

And how much junk do they have starting when the computer starts? Just take a look at the system tray, for starters. Couple of IM clients, printers, scanners, iTunes, or whatever all running all the time will do that.

Turn them off, and the users can start them from the Start menu when needed.

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Disable the piece'o'crap widgets bar

by NexS In reply to i have a couple of friend ...

And aero.

Turn off as many bells and whistles as you can.

Vista chews everything you throw at it, so don't work it as hard and it won't be so hungry.

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Service Packs...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to i have a couple of friend ...

Vista was a dog on most systems pre SP1. Your issues are to be expected from any Vista machine that hasn't had the service packs installed.

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