I have a Dell 530s is not booting up.

By kennyh00 ·
I have a Dell 530s is not booting up its running windows vista. I remove the cmos battery its stilling having the problem

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what is the problem.

by Mehul Bhai In reply to I have a Dell 530s is not ...

Please mention the error you are getting.
Also please fill in your details in your profile otherwise it may be declared as SPAM

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You would hit the

by IC-IT In reply to what is the problem.

Spam button because of no profile data?

Profile data is a voluntary action, mine has been blank since I started posting.

Yours is dang near empty. ;-)

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to You would hit the

I have not hit the SPAM button.
AND he (OP) changed his profile details after I mentioned it to him. Before that he had not even mentioned his name or location or job role or anything. It was reporting that the new user has not specified anything. OR may be its a bug in TR???

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I dont see

by mamies In reply to Reply

Why putting your name or you job role makes it look like spam. What looks like spam to me is someone trying to sell viagra or give you US $50 Million.

Most of the people on here dont particularily look for their name and job description but answer the question as best they can.

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You've got it reversed.

by seanferd In reply to I dont see

The OP had some generic placeholders for Name and location, similar to "None specified".

I didn't even know you could do that. :0

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More Information Please

by DarkWhiteChocolate In reply to I have a Dell 530s is not ...

Does it sound like it is trying to power on? Do you get any display and if so any errors or beep sequences? All of this will help in finding out what your issue could be.

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Your dell laptop

by tashinski In reply to I have a Dell 530s is not ...

The cmos battery is not probably the problem. If it is What is the laptop actually doing? is it still when u turn it on or does it try boot up then fail?

If it's trying to boot then does not go through the post,then It is probably your ram that is already gone

If it's Still cold when u try switching it on, then the motherboard MIGHT probably have cooked up or the last time u oppened it up you did not close it correctly

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